Plastic Bodies With the Look of Tomorrow – Sports Car Engineering, 1959

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I love ads and brochures of these cool vintage fiber companies – and finding a full page ad in a magazine is quite rare.  No doubt it was expensive to do, but that’s exactly what Sports Car Engineering (SCE) did in March of 1959 in the magazine “Sports Car Wheel.”

Let’s see what they had to share – on page 3 of the magazine opposite the Table of Contents page – simply impressive:

Sports Car Engineering Ad
Sports Car Wheel:  March, 1959

1959_March_Sports Car Wheel_2

1959_March_Sports Car Wheel_1

Thoughts on the Ad:

So…we see a “Spyder” body and an illustration of the “Hurricane.”  Did they make these bodies?

Well…the Spyder is a Mistral body that Bud Goodwin had started selling in 1956 and morphed his company around 1957 into Sports Car Engineering.  So they made the Spyder or Mistral body – no question about that.  You can read more about this company and its offerings by clicking on each of the following two links:

Click here for story 1

Click here for story 2

But….I wasn’t sure about two other bodies shown in the SCE catalog called the “Hurricane” and the “Tornado.”  But look what I found recently:



The “Hurricane” body I found has been quietly tucked away in the “Forest of Fiberglass” here in a secret location near Tampa, Florida.  Only good friend Tedd Scott knows where it is.  

But what about the Tornado?  Do any Tornado bodies and cars lurk out there in America and beyond???


So gang….it’s up to you.  I found the first “Hurricane” but who will find the first “Tornado?”  I’m rootin’ for you gang….it would be great to present the entire catalog of SCE cars some day in the future.  The Spyder, the Hurricane, and…your Tornado.  What an impressive assemblage that would be and a definite homage to the history of Bud Goodwin and his company.

Go get ‘em gang!!!

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…



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  1. Another very cool car, seeing this makes me wonder where all the design talent has gone ,cars today all look alike, back then each car was unique. Great job Geoff

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