The Gilded Lily: Gene Koontz’ LaDawri Conquest Show Car

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Today’s story is brought to us by good friend Chris Wolfe of Denver, Colorado.  Chris forwarded several magazine articles I’ve not seen before and it’s from his generosity that we owe our first story of his today.  Thank you Chris 🙂

Here’s another car lost to time and what a beauty it is – Gene Koontz’s LaDawri Conquest show car.  This magazine article appeared in the August 1962 issue of Custom Rodder so the car may have been finished some time before.  Let’s see what they had to say about this car over 50 years ago today.

The Gilded Lily
Custom Rodder: August, 1962 

A well rooted yen for sports car stylishness was satisfied when Gene Koontz, Kansas City, Missouri, bought a fiberglass car built by the LaDawri Coachcraft Company, Los Angeles, California.  Using this shapely body as the basic shape, Gene made many changes to this gilded “Lily.”

A Henry J frame was used along with revamped suspension, springs and a roll bar which completely encircles the custom.  The mesh grille is decorated with chrome bullets.  An inverted Chevy truck windshield was installed as were ’50 Pontiac tail lights.  Four side exhausts were fabricated to eliminate back pressure.

Supplying the horses is a ‘Vette 270 cube mill.  Under the Plaster of Paris hood bubble (which is covered with fiberglass) are three carbs.  The interior was restyled using white and antique gold Naugahyde covering while the bucket seats were upholstered with fiberglass.

Gauges are Stewart-Warner and steering is Corvette.  Twenty coats of pearlescent white covers the exterior, the workmanship of Farhner Custom Shop, Kansas City, Missouri.












Where is this car today?  Is Gene Koontz still in Kansas City, Missouri?  Rollie Langston and others out there in the Midwest….it’s cold right now in the winter.  Any one of you want to do some sleuthing and see what you can uncover on what was a beautiful show car?  If it’s stored outside though, you might have to look hard since it’s the color of snow 🙂

But what a great story that would make if one of the Forgotten Fiberglass Aficionados located Gene and his car after so many years.  Let us know what you find gang!  And thanks again to Chris Wolfe for sharing the first in a series of stories from his collection here at Forgotten Fiberglass.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

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  1. My dad had one in the late 50 to early 60s it had a v8 with 8 single throat carbs I think it was a corvette drive train etc almost the same colour . It was used as a pace car after he sold it. Wish I could find it. Do you know of the origins of this car?

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