Victress S1 Mystery Car – Test Your Talents At Research

The Rear Of The Cockpit Looks Nicely Styled, But I Think That Support Bar Might Have Hurt My Back A Bit When Driving.

Hi Gang…

Fiberglass aficionado Erich Schultz sent in some information about an intriguing Victress S1 that was seen not too long ago on distant roads in America.  Erich wrote:

“Geoff….Several years ago I considered purchasing a Victress S1 that had become available, and saved the pictures from that time.  I’ve enclosed the pictures for your review.  So far, here’s what I know about the car based on review of the pictures.  The car’s features show the following:”

  • Ford front and rear axles and wheels
  • Ford Flathead V8 and most likely Ford transmission and drive shaft
  • Extended / modified hood with hood bulge for carburetor
  • Grill teeth from 1954 Chevrolet
  • V-Shaped 2 piece windshield (unsure if this is Victress hardware)
  • External door and trunk hinges suggest doors and trunk were cut and installed by owner and not Victress factory.  In fact, the hood may have been cut by the owner/builder of the car too (due to its non-standard configuration)
  • Taillights from 1949 Chevrolet
  • Nicely done cockpit with rear style based on Corvette of same era
  • Steering wheel is late 1930’s Ford banjo
  • 1956 California license plate

Front Of Cockpit Shows Nice Styling Again With Good Instrumentation And Maybe Enough Leg Room For Me Too!

Wow!  This car may have been in storage since 1956.  What fun this would have been to find!  Thanks to Erich for sending in the pictures and summary of key features.  I have not seen these pictures before or the car.

It looks like it was nice enough to be in a magazine from “back in the day,” but so far I haven’t seen a Victress from a magazine that matches this car.  Have any of you?  Time will tell what we find out about this car gang.


Thanks again to Erich for sharing his pictures and assessment.  Let’s hope that the current owner has already started restoration and when we find him (or her), we’ll learn even more about the car.

So….be on the lookout, gang, for the owner of this Victress.  It would be great to add another Victress S1 owner to our group.  And…if we locate the car and owner, this would bring the total Victress S1’s found to date to about 30 cars.  This is a good thing….we can always welcome more fiberglass cars to our Forgotten Fiberglass group 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…



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