Guy Dirkin’s Latest Project – A Quintessential “Wedge Car” Design

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Our good friend Guy Dirkin wanted to share a preview of his latest project and did so today via Facebook.  I asked Guy if we could share it here on Undiscovered Classics and he agreed.  So here’s what Guy has shared so far:

Coming Soon From The Garage of Guy Dirkin:

“In the late 1960’s and 1970’s the Italian design houses of Bertone and Pininfarina produced “wedge” cars. Recently, Tesla unveiled an electric truck, radical today, but not without precedent.

The 3D renderings of the car in this post is my latest project.  A quintessential “wedge” design.  An American one-off by gifted young designer. It’s a 1966!

Possibly the first pure wedge car.  More about this soon.”

Tesla Concept “Wedge” Truck


Some of you may recognize the car which is now significantly forward in its restoration.  Some may be new to this car, but more information will be forthcoming soon.  So just a “preview” of renderings from our talented “artist in residence” Dan Palatnik.  Great job Dan!

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.



Guy Dirkin’s Latest Project – A Quintessential “Wedge Car” Design — 8 Comments

  1. The car that immediately comes to mind is the oft-forgotten-today FIAT X1/9. Right away. No question.

    Of course in discussion of wedge-themed automotive design, let’s not forget the Triumph TR-7. They even offered TV commercials with wedge shapes and the car being parked in a wedge-shaped garage.

    There was also another wedge concept (the name escapes me right now) years ago that had tiny round lights on the corners of the front fenders.Front view was very close to this one.

    Great stuff, Geoff!

    • I had not seen the Brubaker, thanks for sharing. I have friends that are wait listed for a Tesla tuck and others friends that hate the design. My car was built in 1966 in a decade that saw many forms of design innovation: some good and some not so good. In viewing this car, its a clear “wedge” car. Frank Lloyd Wright designed many spectacular homes and buildings but the Gale House clearly shows his Prarie school lines, in a similar way to the wedge car featured here:

  2. Absolutely spectacular! Has a bit of a Hot Wheels look about it, although this predates the Mattel success story.
    Totally impressed and looking forward to the updates. Thank you

    • John….the car Guy is restoring is from 1966. The renderings guide our Undiscovered Classics Team for and during restoration – that is what Guy is sharing. He will soon share photos of the car before and during restoration. The car is 54 years old this year. It’s also nearly the size of a Corvette – big car. It is a front mid-engine design and was originally powered by a Chevy 283. More to reveal in the near future 🙂 Geoff

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