Vintage Fiberglass Celebration Next Week at the Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’ Elegance

Hi Gang….

As Mark Twain said so many years ago….”Reports of my early demise are greatly exaggerated.”

We’ve been busy at Forgotten Fiberglass headquarters down here in Tampa Florida – coming back from a trip where we saved the “Voodoo Special” and a CRV / Piranha  body and now…getting ready for the Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’Elegance – which is a week from today – Sunday August 28th, 2011.  Not much time to write up stories for our website, but have no fear…I’ve been storing them up and will be sending them out – many per week – in the near future.

My does time go fast.  And we’re not getting younger either 🙂

The Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’Elegance – A Very Special Event

I thought I would take a moment to invite all of you to the biggest gathering of vintage fiberglass cars ever to be assembled on planet earth.  This will happen at the Milwaukee Masterpiece next Sunday August 28 2011, and I encourage any of you that can attend to do so.  It’s going to be a very special time – with very special people.

Not only will we have more than one Glasspar G2, Victress S1A, and Woodill Wildire, but we’ll have other rarely seen cars such as an Almquist, Kellison, Covington Tiburon, Paxton Phoenix, and even the celebrated Bosley Mark I – a rare treat indeed.    In fact, Daniel Strohl of Hemmings – who will be an honored guest at “The Masterpiece” – wrote an article on the Hemmings Blog last week about the Bosley.  Click here to review the Hemmings article on the Bosley Mark I.

In addition, during our event, you’ll meet honored guests such as:

* Merrill Powell – co owner of Victress Manufacturing from 1953-1961.  His wife Gerianne will be in attendance too (Hi Gerianne!)
* Clark Mitchell – friend and co builder with Harry Heim (and designer) of the Clearfield Plastics sports car – later called the “Almquist Sabre.”   His wife Ann will be with us too for this weekend.
* Daniel Strohl – noted Hemmings author and historian and friend of vintage glass in every way

Additional Information:

Here is some additional information about the event that may interest you:

Click on this link for information about the “Fabulous Fiberglass” event at the Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’Elegance 

And click on this link for full information on the entire weekend at “The Masterpiece”

Schedule Of Events:

For those of you planning to attend, here’s a day by day listing of the main events:

Friday August 26th

*Welcome Reception at Hotel Metro – 5pm-7pm – Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and cash bar.

* Note: Registration, Showcar, and Rig parking are open at The Masterpiece venue 2pm to 4pm.

* We may try and show the 1954 Johnny Dark film starting at 8pm at the Hampton Inn at the Milwaukee Airport.  More info on this as we get closer to this date next week.

Saturday August 27th

We encourage you to participate in the following two events

1: Club Day: 10am-4pm.  Merrill Powell of Victress will be speaking during this day about the Victress years and the fiberglass era during the 1950’s.  Click on the following link for additional information:

2: Dinner: The Style and Speed Social from 6pm-9pm.  Click on the following link for additional information:

For those not attending the Saturday evening dinner, may I suggest one of the best known restaurants in Milwaukee – one of my all-time favorite since I lived in Chicago, and it’s called “The Safe House.”  It’s an experience you’ll never forget and it’s not about the food.  Click on the information below to learn more:

Sunday August 28th

*The Concours is scheduled from 10am-4pm.

.Ten Questions With Fabulous Fiberglass Co-Chairmen

Rick D’Louhy and I are honored to co-chair the Fabulous Fiberglass event with good friend and noted automotive historian and car collector DeWayne Ashmead.  In preparation for the “Fabulous Fiberglass” event, “The Masterpiece” put together an interview with us called “Ten Questions With… ” that is designed to help those who wish to learn more about vintage glass to get a good overview of these very special cars.  Click here to review this document on the Masterpiece website.   In addition, I’ve posted the information  below for your review:


So….no rest for the weary gang.  Dust off your luggage and saddle up!  Time’s awasting and there’s much to do and see – and in terms of “Forgotten Fiberglass” it’s all happening next weekend at the Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’Elegance.  So be there or be square…

Hope to see you in Milwaukee and as always…

Glass on gang..

Geoff Hacker / Rick D’Louhy

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