Glasspar G2 American Special – A Racing Tribute to Bill Tritt That’s Ready….Set….Go!!!

I feel even more patriotic seeing Bob’s terrific Glasspar G2 staged in front of the American Flag. American ‘glass all the way Gang!

Hi Gang…

Anyone want to go vintage racing???  What a car this would be to blast down the road….if only Florida was closer to Oregon.  Oh well.

I first heard of this car in of all places – Florida.  Years ago, a vintage racer owned two Glasspar G2s and campaigned them from his home in the Palm Beach area.  From there both cars made their way back to the West Coast where each of them remains with collectors today.

One of those collectors is Bob Schulz, who has been diligently working on bringing this car back to race standards as well as validating its vintage history.  This Glasspar was purported to have been raced “back in the day,” and we’re still looking for that information.  Perhaps the unique shape of the grille will eventually give us the needed clue to match it to vintage race pictures.

I asked Bob to pull together information on his G2 and tell us a bit about what it is, and what he’s completed.  Here’s what Bob recently shared with me.  Let’s review.

Letter From Bob Schulz: October 2011

Hi Geoff!

Finally got the pertinent info together on my Glasspar.  I ran an exhibition event at Portland International Raceway sponsored by HMSA on July 10th, 2011.  What fun that was!  

Here’s the description of what it is and what I’ve done:

  • 1951 Glasspar G2 Special Race Car
  • I.D. Plate(passenger side firewall)  GP-G2- 003
  • Titled/ Street licensed in Oregon
  • Race history in Southeast USA, Florida (Tom Davis/Tide Racing).  Log book and other documentation available.
  • Engine & Drivetrain:  Early Ford 390FE with Cobra- Jet heads/ 410 H.P., 465 Ft. Lbs torque with road & track hydraulic cam.  (Note: Originally, power was Ford flathead/59AB)
  • Holley Single 4 bbl.#1850 Series(650-750 CFM) Carb ; Dual- plane original Ford intake manifold, and velocity spacer & Full heat shield.
  • Pertronix ignition with hi-voltage coil ; Super Stock hi-temp 8mm Spark Loom set
  • Remote oil filter (Wix Race) -vintage block adaptor
  • Transmission: 3-speed syncro Ford Top-Loader; Hurst-Indy shifter & linkage; HD clutch, hydraulic actuator(external slave)
  • Rear End: Ford 9 Inch (std.)
  • Chassis: shortened Ford chassis (1951-52), front coil springs (101 inch wheelbase) including front sway-bar, rear leaf springs, quick ratio manual steering, improved Koni type shock absorbers
  • 15 gallon ATL(AeroTech Lab) Aluminum fuel cell (fresh bladder media) with electric & mechanical fuel pumps; 3/8 inch fuel lines; double filters
  • Brakes: manual drum – Pro Slant Drilled for race cooling; new master cyl/wheel cyls/ hd linings
  • Wheels: 14 Inch Alum Alloy period race rims; Newer street radial tires
  • Cockpit: Drivers aluminum race seat; Sparco 4 point safety harness, aluminum passenger seat with matching 4 point harness, presently out of car.
  • Approved rollbar (5- point mounting) (FIA/ HMSA/VARA/ SCCA/SOVERN).  Ready for final weld-in / or easy removal, as it was raced without in the 1950’s – 60’s.
  • Instruments: Stewart Warner mechanical oil pressure, water temp., speedometer, Electric tachometer, on/off approved electric kill switch
  • Removable windshield
  • Full function driver & passenger doors with original Glasspar aluminum framework
  • Package tray behind seating
  • Period Style side view mirrors
  • Note: Car is eligible to run  events under specific classifications in HMSA, SEVRA, VARA, SVRA, SCCA, and SOVREN.

Best Regards,

Bob Schulz

Let’s take a look at some pictures gang.  Eye candy for all:

Pictures of the Glasspar G2 Racing Special: 


Our roles with each of our cars is different.  Some of us save them from junkyards and deplorable conditions, others begin the arduous task of documentation and restoration, and still others restore and/or drive their rare ‘glass jobs to shows and events across the country.  And if you’re like me, no matter where you fall in the categories above, you have a blast with your vintage ride in every way.

Bob recently told me that he’s had his fun and off to his next project, and is considering selling his car this Fall.  If you are interested in this race-ready Glasspar G2- one of the few in existence – call Bob at (714) 271-1715 or e-mail him at .  At the very least, you’ll have a ball talking to another great car guy, who surely has one of the fastest G2’s in town.

Vroom vroom Bob!

Be sure to check out the additional pictures I posted in the photo gallery below.  Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…

Click on the Images Below to View Larger Pictures


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  1. I have purchased the car from Bob and restored it back to original grille configuration. replacing the Ford FE with a 331 Chrysler Hemi, T10 4 speed. Any history of this car is appreciated.


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