The 1966 Viking KP-101: The All-American Dream

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Well here’s an interesting sports car I haven’t seen in person yet.  I’ve seen the brochure that I’m sharing with you today over the years, and recently I came across additional information and photos that I’ll share in the near future.

But a car built here in Florida, not far from me?  I should be able to find at least one copy of it if I snoop around.  Unless there was just the “one” made.  That wouldn’t be the first time – would it ‘glass gang?  The cars were apparently sold as complete cars – not kits – and had a 95 inch wheelbase.

For today, let’s look at this 4 page fold-out brochure for the Viking KP-101 and see what it had to say about this special fiberglass sports car.

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 Page 2:





The All American Dream:  The soft, padded dash and console has a complete, easily readable instrument panel.  Speedometer with mileometer, as well as warning lights for high beam and turn signal indicators are located directly in front of the driver.  The central console houses the fuel gauge, amp meter, water temperature and oil pressure indicator gauges.  All controls for lights, two-speed windshield wiper and heater-defroster are located within easy reach of the driver and passenger, as is the all transistorized push button radio.

Map and glove compartment in front of the passenger.  Two individual ashtrays and courtesy lights, with independent off-on switch for each light, also lights up on the side of open door.  Comfort, Luxury, Easy Ride:  Contoured bucket seats, richly padded with foam rubber, designed to give easy, tireless driving at any length of time.  Driver’s seat can be adjusted fore and aft.  Interior space accommodates any size person with plenty of room to spare.

The luggage compartment is unusually large for a sports-car.  Safety belts are standard equipment on all Viking KP-101 cars.  The manually operated convertible top folds in a special compartment behind the seats.

Page 3:





“As the landscape rapidly passes by, and with the wind of speed in your ears, it gives the feeling of flying”

The rigid chassis construction makes the Viking KP-101 extremely safe and reliable in most any driving condition.  Four-on-the-floor manual transmission has a highly engineered shift lever mechanism and linkage system, it makes for easy shifting and positive fingertip control.  Tinted windshield performs the dual function of reducing glare and helping keep the car interior cool.  Optional.  Add the real race-car touch t your Viking KP-101 with chrome wire wheel or chrome mag wheel covers.  Optional.

Heavy duty shock absorbers and fifteen inch wheels are standard.  Twin traction differential assures you of traction not tire spinning.  When one wheel is stuck, power goes to the one with grip.  You will not get “stuck” in trouble.  Standard on all Viking KP-101.  Disc brakes up front make stopping even faster, surer.  A race-car spawned innovation that adds to brake life.  They are noted for predictable, stable action, even under repeated hard use, in extreme temperatures and exposed to water and dust.  Optional.

Superb performance is obtained with the lightweight OHV V-8 engine.  Has four barrel carburetor and twin exhaust as standard equipment.  Develop 235 HP at 5200 RPM.  Compression ratio 10.5 to 1.  Available as optional equipment 383 cubic inch OHV V-8 with four barrel carburetor, 325 HP at 4800 RPM.

Page 4:



All vinyl interior padded dash and console.  Outside rear view mirror.  Plexiglass headlamp covers.  Fresh air intake.  Two individually controlled reading and courtesy lights.  Cigarette lighter.  Two king size ash receivers.  Emergency four-way flasher.  Safety belts.

Folding convertible top.  Thick padded carpeting.  Wall to wall carpeted luggage compartment.  Glove and map compartment.  Twin bucket seats.  Twin horn.  Foot dimmer switch.  Direction indicator lever with automatic return.  Two-speed electric windshield wiper.  Windshield washer.


So…where is this beauty of a Florida sports car today?  How many were made?  What options did they have?  Who built this car?  So many questions remain, and we’ll reveal some of the answers here at Forgotten Fiberglass in the near future.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

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The 1966 Viking KP-101: The All-American Dream — 10 Comments

  1. One of my favorite styles of all the cars you’ve uncovered Geoff. I hope to see a follow up with reports of a physical find. Having owned a 64, 85 and currently a 90 (4-door) Avanti, I can see the influence. Like the front end stye of the Viking 🙂

  2. Nice in detail, kind of out of proportion….. like a 1950s Japanese tin toy version of a Ferrari… just begs for some Boranni Wire wheels or Cromadora alloys instead of the Avanti hubcaps and white stripe tires. Interesying car that few of us have even heard about…. I wonder how many were made????

  3. Not only does the rear end look like an Avanti, the steering wheel, instruments and wheel covers came from an Avanti as well. Not a bad looking ride!

  4. Must be very late ’60s or early ’70s for an alternator and disc brakes. The displacements make it seem like they used Chrysler powerplants. Any idea of the year?

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