Strother MacMinn’s 1959 “Sports Cars of the Future” Book Now Online

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We continue to expand our recently created “Strother MacMinn Online Archive” to include articles, videos, books and other MacMinn related materials to share with the world.  Today we added his 1959 book to the archives titled “Sports Cars of the Future” which details his thoughts on concept cars, futuristic design as well as his own creation – the LeMans Coupe.

This is the only book that Strother authored.  He contributed to other books, wrote magazine articles, gave interviews and critiqued designs – but he only authored this book.  And it’s one of my favorite books because of its subject – sports cars of the future.  Wow!

You can enjoy this book by clicking on the link below and scrolling through the pages.

Click  Here  To  View  “Sports  Cars  of  the  Future”

We will continue to be adding additional materials over the next few months to our “Strother MacMinn Archive” and we’ll keep you updated as to when new materials are available.  Click on the link below to view the documents already accessible within the MacMinn archive:

Click  Here  To  View  The  Strother  MacMinn  Online  Archive

And for those of you who are interested in MacMinn’s Lemans Coupe, here’s what is happening to one of these cars as we speak:

Strother  MacMinn’s  Vision  For  Winning  Le Mans
To  Come  To  Life  Nearly  60  Years Later


We hope you enjoy the materials in our Strother MacMinn Archive and get to know some of his achievements over time that made him a significant designer and teacher for several generations of car designers.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.



Strother MacMinn’s 1959 “Sports Cars of the Future” Book Now Online — 2 Comments

  1. The Strother MacMinn LeMans prototype (and article) is fascinating. Too bad it never
    got to actually race. The history of the Ford GT40 at LeMans proved just how difficult
    surviving that race actually was. Thanks for posting Geoff!

    • Patrick…glad you enjoy the article and the Strother MacMinn Archive. Wait ’till you see what I post next – long lost materials that I think you’ll enjoy reviewing. Thanks for your comments. Geoff

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