Re-Birth of the Glasspar G2 Logo – Get Yours Today – While Supplies Last!

Here’s Warren Gerdes at the Wheel in April 1953 at Pebble Beach. This is the Best Picture We Have (so far) of the G2 Emblem On the Glasspar.

Hi Gang…

Each one of us steps up to the plate, from time to time, and helps cement both the history and relevance of vintage fiberglass sports cars to the automotive community.  That’s exactly what Mark Brinker did several years ago when he purchased and committed to restore the Glasspar racecar built by Bill Tritt – one of the most important and visible fiberglass sports cars of the early postwar racing period.

Glasspar Goes Racing:

Back in early 1953, Tritt began planning a “Works” racecar for his company.  Ted Mangles and Ed Martindale built the frame and the car, and worked with C-T Automotive in Los Angeles to produce a wildly powerful Ardun Overhead Ford Flathead monster motor.  This car breathed fire, and it pounced on the race scene first at Pebble Beach in April 1953.  You can read more about this on our website at the following link:

Restoring the Race Car:

Mark is well along the way with the restoration of his jewel.  The engine is complete, and the body is coming along nicely.  One thing we both noticed when looking at old photos of the racecar was that in some of the early pictures, it had a badge above the front grille.  It was a Glasspar G2 badge.

This is a Glasspar Brochure From 1953 – The Emblem Clearly Appears At The Bottom Right of the Image.

I’ve never seen one before.  And we couldn’t find it on any other pictures of Glasspar cars at the time, either.  But…it was on the most prominent of Glasspar cars– one that was built specifically to advertise their product.  And it was made to “shine” brightly to the public.  A Glasspar G2 badge seems perfect for all G2’s and that’s what Mark is creating with the help of his good friend and designer Raffi Minasian.

A brand new Glasspar G2 badge for his car – and perhaps yours too.

Order Your Badge Today – Available One Time Only!

Mark wrote to me earlier this week with his idea to build a badge for his car – and a few more for other lucky G2 owners out there.  That could be you!  I’ve re-printed his e-mail with his permission as follows:

Hi Geoff:

As you know, I’m working on a nose emblem for the Glasspar G-2 as was on the Mameco-Ardun and perhaps other known or unknown cars back in the day. Automotive Designer Raffi Minasian is overseeing the project. As you are well aware, Raffi’s work is truly amazing.

I am wondering if you would reach out to Glasspar owners to see if there is an interest in having a nose emblem for their cars. The larger the order, the cheaper the price per badge for all of us.

This Is A Brochure From Early 1953 With a Slightly Different Font Style for Emblem – But The Same Shape Is Used.

If we can get a group together over the next week or two we can place an order and all benefit from a group discount.

Please let me know if there is interest for pre-orders.



Order Your Badge Today:

As with anyone who is on the bleeding edge of innovation (this time, taking the risk at producing a Glasspar G2 badge), Mark is looking for people who are interested in purchasing a badge and will commit to payment so that he can go to production.  Once he has 10 or more folks who have pre-ordered the G2 badges, he can make these badges a reality.

Mark is looking to make this happen by early February, and once they go into production – the number created is set.  He will not produce these a second time.  The technique that makes the badges does not allow storage of the mold – it quickly deteriorates.

I think this is a great idea and hope to see many badges on G2’s in the future.   Few cars had badges back in the day.  Two that come to mind are the Woodill Wildfire and the Grantham Stardust.  However, many of the owners of fiberglass sports cars today have re-created badges for their cars to help people identify the car on the show field.  Steve Steers produced a beautiful rendition of the Victress nameplate, Stan Crawford did the same for his Atlas/Allied Swallow, Guy Dirkin fabricated a Byers badge for his egg-crate grill, and Rick D’Louhy’s badge on his LaDawri Conquest is a thing of beauty.  You can join this elite group of folks who have correct badges for their automobiles.

So…. Go get ‘em gang and order your badges today. If you are interested, please e-mail Mark Brinker directly at for details.


Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…



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