Victress Logos Are Here!!! Victress Logos Are Here!!!

Hi Gang…

We’ve not been idle here at Forgotten Fiberglass, of late.  In fact, today marks the first release of logos for each of the car marques within our vintage ‘glass entourage.  And on this day, I’m pleased to release the  legendary Victress Manufacturing logos from 1953 thru 1961 (Victress was called “The Boyce-Smith Company” in 1952).

Original Logos:

Logos are found on a variety of media pieces produced by each of these sports car manufacturers, and Victress was one of the most prolific.  They featured at least two different versions of their stylized script as well as two different World War II “bomber girl nose art” pieces.  Here are some of the original logos for your review:

Advertising That Appeared In Motor Trend: October 1954Back Of 1954 Victress BrochureFront of 1954 Victress Brochure

Back Of 1954 Victress Brochure

Front of 1954 Victress Brochure

Front Cover of 1955 Victress Brochure

Logos Now in JPG, PDF, EPS, and AI Format

We now have each of these logos available in a variety of electronic / computer formats.  While this may be “technobable” to most of you, what this means is that if you want to create a coffee mug, t-shirt, stationary, and/or even a logo/decal/chrome script for you car – and your car is a “Victress” – you now have the means to do it (of course if you don’t have a Victress, we encourage you to get one soon….supplies are running out!)

The files on this page will get you started, but the format required for each of these is just an e-mail away.

Just have the person producing the item for you contact me, and I will send them the required files via e-mail – free.  The logos we produce are for anyone to use, modify, and promote in every way, and they have our permission to use them in any way they see fit.  It’s the best way that Rick D’Louhy and I feel to approach this, so that we encourage others to celebrate the cars we admire in every creative way possible.

You can even create a 6’ banner with perfect resolution – given the use of the logos now available.  Perhaps we can even create one of those “banners” that are pulled by airplanes.  I’m sure the next concours d’ elegance event will be thrilled by such a prospect (watch out Bill Warner and Ameila!)

Here are the recreated logos for your use and review:







Chuck Klinger Beats Us To The Punch!

Chuck Klinger, proud Victress S1A owner and savvy entrepreneur worked with his graphics art team and created a Victress logo of his own – and surprised us all with the Victress logo emblazoned on a beige polo top.  Merrill Powell from Victress is shown “modeling” his Victress shirt for us at the August 2010 Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’Elegeance.

A new career for you Merrill???

Now, each of you can do what Chuck Klinger has done and visit your banner/sign/t-shirt shop and create your own Victress memorabilia.  But Chuck…you’ll always be “first” in our book 😉


We’ll be releasing more logos soon – next up is a variety of LaDawri logos for your use, and after that Woodill Wildfire (we need your help Stan Fowler).   In the meantime, let’s see if Merrill Powell from Victress will give us his thoughts in the “comments” area below.  Merrill….will you sign any of the logos for us interested car guys???

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…

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Victress Logos Are Here!!! Victress Logos Are Here!!! — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks Geoff for getting this badging project done. This is a serious article and a serious project. Anything we can do to improve the identity, credibility, continuity and integrity of each of these unique and very special “marques” is more than important from a stewardship perspective.

    History will judge these cars not only as iconic, but as pivotal in their influence on future designs and the sport and hobby we enjoy today. Very good work for a very important project!

  2. Once again, proof positive that images of attractive, well proportioned curves, whether in steel, aluminum, fiberglass or flesh, inspire all maner of human desire.

  3. Who is that old geezer in the Victress shirt? I’ll sign anything but a blank check. Geoff, you’ve done it again, and the fiberglass car world thanks you.


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