Argentina Welcomes Its First Glasspar G2 Sports Car

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Rodney Packwood, Glasspar Historian and wrangler of our Glasspar G2 Registry, and I have been tracking down the Glasspar G2 sports cars whereabouts for nearly a decade.  And this process was started by others before us such as Jean Poirier and Bill Hoover, so we carry on a proud tradition 🙂

Of the approximately 100 Glasspar G2 sports cars and bodies built, we’ve been able to account for just over 70 that are still in existence.  And that number is growing – a very impressive survival number for any mark.  And we’ve been tracking these cars overseas as well.

A few years ago Rodney located a Glasspar G2 sports car that was located in Argentina.  We heard about this car also from Hugh Nutting and Roberto Nasser who is museum curator of an impressive collection of automobiles in Brazil.

We weren’t able to identify the history of the car at the time, but the photos were posted by “Diego Speratti.”  And later the owner of the car, Hugo Seen, contacted us as well.  It’s an interesting car and it has been modernized/updated a bit over the years.

One unusual feature is the opening of the cockpit.  At first I thought this was done for a convertible top but now I’m leaning toward our first Glasspar G2 with a rear seat.  You can chime in with your thoughts below in the comments area.  Check out the metal floor too – not unheard of but fairly rare for any fiber car of the 50s.  And a final point – this car has only  a passenger door.  This is most common with the early cars/bodies made in 1952, so it may be an early G2 body here on this car – more research needed.

So now…let’s check out some photos 🙂

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For those of you who want to check out the post of this car on the original website it was found and the comments on the car too (you’ll have to translate them from Spanish), click on the link below:

Click here to view Hugo Seen’s Argentinian Glasspar

We look forward to learning more about this car as the restoration progresses, and wish Hugo Seen the best of success as he moves forward to returning this G2 sports car to its original condition.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember gang…

The adventure continues here at Forgotten Fiberglass.



Argentina Welcomes Its First Glasspar G2 Sports Car — 5 Comments

  1. It would be interesting to track this G2 from Santa Ana to Brazil. A Mr. Bass, a Mexican National entered a Glasspar in the 1953 PanAm road race. I’ve wondered where it went if it survived.

  2. Looking at the deck cut-out, it looks a little bit larger than how the 3000 Austin Healeys did it for their rear seating. My 1965 Healey had room for 2 kids. The MGB GT had about that much room, too.

  3. I have been trying to figure out what the grill came from. It works quite well if you don’t have a G2 grill. I like it better then the 1951 Nash. Likely it is from a foreign make – English Ford? There have been some Rambler grills that are close.

  4. Another great story! Glasspars can run but they can’t hide, it seems to be in good shape, I believe the cut out in the rear of the car may be for the convertible top. I also noticed the G2 has rack & pinion steering, in dash tachometer , hood pins and a four speed, very cool.

  5. just a reminder, we are still hoping to get more information on the G2 from COSTA RICA, we have at the shop, and would appreciate any leads on this ’53 Hemi Powered Glaspar

    Dave Perry OldSchool Restorations North Alabama USA

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