Carlisle Import & Kit National 2014: Part 3 – The Guy Mabee Victress

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You thought I may have finished with our stories of Carlisle this year?   But wait – there’s more!  Quite a bit more and several more stories. And off we go…

One of the stars of the Carlisle, 2014 was the 1953 Guy Mabee Victress Special – brought to us from its home in Indiana by good friends Jim and Lea Ann Robinson.  Upon arrival, the Victress was given center stage in the Invitational building where it was on hand for all attendees to see.

If that wasn’t enough, the real “treat” was who would be with the Victress for the weekend. None other than Merrill Powell – Vice-President of Victress in the 1950s, and he was set up to “meet and greet” folks who were interested in learning more about Victress and the Guy Mabee Special – photos shown below:






Car Builder Magazine and the Victress:

Steve Temple, editor of Car Builder Magazine (formerly Kit Car Builder Magazine), was there representing the magazine to cover significant stories.  And lucky for us, his thoughts turned quickly to the Guy Mabee Special.

More about the story in a future article here at Forgotten Fiberglass.  For now, we thought you would enjoy seeing some “behind the scenes photos” taken by good friend Rick D’Louhy:


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For those of you wanting to learn more about the history of the Guy Mabee Victress Special, click here for additional information.  

Hope you enjoyed the story and photos, and until next time…

Glass on gang…



Carlisle Import & Kit National 2014: Part 3 – The Guy Mabee Victress — 3 Comments

  1. Jim did a fantastic job of restoring this car, I have had the pleasure of seeing it at a few shows, it’s always the center of attention and when Jim starts it windows rattle and babies cry. Jim is a great guy to talk with and was very helpful with ideas for finishing my Glasspar G2. Thanks Geoff for another great story.

  2. Geoff,
    I got to see the Mabee Spl at Indy over the Labor Day / NHRA US Nationals drag races. It was on display as part of the NHRA’s Hot Rod Reunion cars. That sure is a nice car, restored perfectly. Gary

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