Dean Moon’s Moonbeam – One Superfast Devin Sports Car

Caption: Moonbeam’s body is a modified Devin unit painted Moon Yellow. All bodywork was done by Odie Fellows who made sections easily removable for quick repair and maintenance through the use of Dzus fasteners. The grille is an “egg crate” section from a fluorsescent lighting fixture.

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Here’s a great article on one of Dean Moon’s best known race cars – his Devin bodied “Moonbeam.”  I’m still looking for the first article to hit the stands with this car in it, and this may be it – time and additional research will tell.

The article is short but the captions for many of the photos are very detailed so I’ll repeat those as well in the story.

So get your coffee and turn down the tv.  Let’s dig into the story from Cars Magazine about Dean Moon’s Devin bodied “Moonbeam.”

Moon’s Moonbeam (Cars, October 1961)
By Ed Sarkisian
This Sleek, Modified Sports Car Holds Records For The Quarter and Half-Mile Drags And Has Hit 185 MPH At The Bonneville Salt Flats

Dean Moon, builder of some of the West’s better show-go material, lived up to his reputation when he put together the “Moonbeam.”  The Modified Sports car is a winner in either category.  The car was built with record-breaking in mind, and it has done just that. 

As an example, consider the following:   Moonbeam holds strip records at Pomona, Henderson (Nevada), Riverside (1/4 and ½ mile), San Gabriel, etc.  It holds the Modified Sports and the 1320 record of the American Hot Rod Association.

Speeds include a 134.75 quarter mile, 157.80 half-mile, and 169 plus at the dry lakes.  On the salt at Bonneville, the car has averaged 180 mph and hit a high of 185 mph.  Total weight of the Devin-bodied flyer is 2,000 pounds.  As well as taking “go” trophies, the car has also won its share of show gold. 

Caption: Engine compartment houses 354 cubic inch Chevy stroked 5/8ths and bored 5/16ths. Racer Brown roller cam pops its valves, while pistons are Forged True using Grant rings. A 6-72 GMC blower puffs through a Potvin manifold mounting Hillborn injectors. Scheifer flywheel and clutch assembly carries “go” to Halibrand QC rear. Gas-burner puts out 600 horses! Hydraulic cylinders control rakes, clutch, and accelerator linkage. Frame is of seamless tubing.

Caption: Shocks are Monroe all around. Wheel spindles are ’48 Ford modified for thrust-type bearings. Lincoln-Bendix brakes, ’48’s, are used up front while ’60 Merc-Bendix binders stop the rear wheels. The Moonbeams’s “office” is simple and functional with snap-off doors allowing quick removal of the car’s forward body section for engine accessibility.


We’ll feature more about the Devin Moonbeam in future stories as we locate more articles.  For now….

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

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Dean Moon’s Moonbeam – One Superfast Devin Sports Car — 2 Comments

  1. Geoff..Dean was quite a guy , this photo is but one of many ,most were so risky at the time you could not print them ,he was a good friend and helped me a lot ,back in the days of drag racing via phone calls to me to find ouy how i did with some of the advise he had given , we lost an icon in the automotive world ,,, art maimbourg

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