The Birth of Sportstar Associates: Motor Sports World, December 5th, 1952

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The more we push the envelope with research, the more we find.  And it keeps piling in, and do I have some great stories coming up to share with each of you!  When I first ran the story on Sportstar Associates, I had only clues to their existence via a brochure – and nothing more.  Click here to read the first story posted on Sportstar Associates.

Within hours of posting our first story, I heard from Don Anderson – the son of Art Anderson who was one of the team who designed and built the car.  Click here to read the story I posted about Sportstar after meeting Don.

Today’s story is the result of the hard work by good friend Erich “Epoxy” Schultz.  Erich was perusing his collection of vintage magazines and came across the following posting with a small concept model announcing the first model by Sportstar Associates of San Diego, California.

It was in a super rare copy of “Motor Sports World” the first that appeared in magazine and not newspaper format.  This is one tough magazine to find, and great thanks to Erich for sharing scans from his collection.

Here’s the posting that appeared about Sportstar on December 5th, 1952:

Additional Concept Photos and Drawings:

Don’s father, Art, was 32 years old when Sportstar came to fruition.  He was one of 5 Convair employees that later brought this car to fruition.  Don still has much of the memorabilia concerning the concept and launch of the car.  Here are some recent concept drawings of this Sportstar model along with vintage photos of the model shown in the magazine above.

Thanks for sharing Don!


Although we have quite a bit of information on the car and the history of its development, we are still missing…the car.  So join us in the quest to reunite car with family, and help us find the car for Don.  What a great story that would be for any of us, gang.   And we’ll feature it here on Forgotten Fiberglass.

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The Birth of Sportstar Associates: Motor Sports World, December 5th, 1952 — 1 Comment

  1. Not too bad looking for it’s day…Looks like a short wheelbase I wonder what chassis he was planning on using ?? ..Did he ever get to build a car ??
    We all had Sooo many dreams in our younger days..


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