The Ads of Sports Car Engineering – Phil Fleming Comes Through With A Vintage Find!

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At Forgotten Fiberglass, we collect every bit of fiber-scrap of information.   The latest piece of today’s puzzle was sent in by resident fiber-expert Phil Fleming and was a seemingly innocuous ad from Sports Car Engineering  – or so he thought.  Little did Phil know that the date of this ad moved our official “start date” for Sports Car Engineering from 1958 to 1956.  Way to go Phil!

Let’s have a look at the three ads we have collected so far for Sports Car Engineering:

Vintage Ads:  Sports Car Engineering 

1956_7-27 to 8-3_Motoracing

1956_7-27 to 8-3_Motoracing Newspaper

1958_April_Motor Life

1958_April_Motor Life

1958_Sept_Road & Track

1958_Sept_Road & Track


We continue to build our database of articles, ads, brochures, photos, and stories each and every week.  All of this is building toward creating an online database which we call “Forgotten Fiberglass” so that any of you who visit our website can become experts by just studying what we post and learning from what we share.

And, if you haven’t done so before (or recently) be sure to visit our “Vintage Ad Photo Gallery.”  You can do so by clicking on this link here.  You can also visit it by clicking on the word “More” at the top menu of our site and finding the link for “Vintage Fiberglass Ads.”  You never know what you’ll find as you explore the nooks and crannies here at Forgotten Fiberglass.

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