Discontinued Fiberglass Sports Cars: The Glasspar Ascot, G2, Vale, Wasp, and More…(Auto Craftsman, June-July 1958)

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I wish all research into fiberglass sports cars of the 1950’s was so easy.  Today’s story is like shooting fish in a barrel!  I’m sure it won’t happen again, so I have to savor every minute of it 🙂

The June-July 1958 issue of Auto Craftsman is superb.  Not only does it contain a Buyer’s Guide for fiberglass cars of the time (which I’ll share in the near future), it also features a two-page section on “Discontinued Models” which we’ll discuss today.

Let’s Dig In…

The only text run in this article was shown in the captions that described each car.  So as I’ve done with recent articles, I’ll feature the full size pictures in our story with the captions repeated below each picture to make it as easy to read as possible.

Keep in mind that just because a car was “no longer available” doesn’t mean that a body bought years earlier by someone could not be built “years later” by that same person or a later owner.  That’s happened more than once in the history of these cars.  So yes….you could own a 1955 Woodill Wildfire that was built in 1965.  So….is it a 1965 Woodill Wildfire – or a 1955 Woodill Wildfire?


Something to chew on a bit gang 🙂

Hope you enjoy this added bit of “what was no longer available” as discussed in Auto Craftsman, June-July 1958.

Plastic Parade (Continued):  Auto Craftsman, June-July 1958
Discontinued Models:

Although the cars shown in this magazine were identified as “discontinued” in 1958 – that’s not an accurate depiction.  In almost every case, the cars mentioned were discontinued years early.  Let’s discuss each before you review the pictures and captions below:

  • The Glasspar Ascot debuted in 1955 and never really made it into production, so it’s best considered as being produced 1955.  It may have been mentioned later, but it never went into production – hence 1955 is the start and finish date.
  • The Glasspar  G2 stopped being produced in late 1954 as Glasspar turned more of it’s activities into working on their own boats as well as projects for Disneyland – which opened in July 1955.  The Glasspar G2 was produced from 1951 thru the Fall of 1954.  By 1954, the Glasspar Ascot was being developed for release in 1955.
  • The Skorpion is an interesting story.  I have this car being first produced by Wilro (John Wills/Ralph Roberts), then Viking-Craft, then Holloway, and finally in 1959 being offered by “Al’s Garage” in Phoenix, Arizona where you could buy the Skorpion body for your Crosley chassis.  Perhaps the molds are still there?  Anyone want to do some research?  I have an address for you to check out if you are willing… E-mail me or give me a call gang.  So…. Rick D’Louhy and I have identified the Skorpion being produced by various companies from 1951 thru 1959 – and perhaps beyond.
  • And finally, the Vale Sports Car – one of my favorites – was produced from 1952 thru 1954 – at the latest.  Perhaps just 1952-1953.  Rick and I continue to research this car with the help of good friend Marshall Foxworthy, so we should have the production dates finalized in the near future.

And now…Ladies and Gentlecars…let’s see what Auto Craftsman had to say about “Discontinued Models” in June-July of 1958:

Caption: The Glasspar Ascot Convertible Was to Sell For $2100, Assembled. Production Plans Fell Through.

I love this picture of the Glasspar Ascot. I wonder who the woman is driving the car? It’s shown in front of a building with the neon sign “Village Inn”. Perhaps a restaurant? We have “Village Inn” restaurants here in Florida, and I think they may have started in California.

Caption: The Glasspar G2, Designed By Bill Tritt. Body Sold For $695 New. Not Now Being Made.

I’m not familiar with who built this Glasspar G2.  The top is custom made – or at least the side windows.  It reminds me of a G2 owned by Dennis Gerdes.  I’ll have to check with him to see if it might be the car he recently acquired.

Caption: The Skorpion Was Produced in the Early 1950’s by Viking-Craft.

This was one of the initial “debut” pictures of the Skorpion.  We’re still trying to identify the location of the picture.  Nicely shown though!

Caption: The Vale Sports Was Built By Vale Wright, of Berkeley, California, For The MG Chassis. Cost: $650. Later Models Were Made For Renault.

 This is one of the few – if only pictures I know of – showing the Vale Sports Car with the optional hard top from the front of the car.  It sure looks might pretty – and is a right hand drive car too!


Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…



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