The Lost Bill Tritt Interview – Jean Poirier 1993 (Union, West Virginia)

Bill Tritt’s Beautiful Home In Union, West Virginia. Bill and Natalie Bought This Home And Made Extensive Changes and Additions Throughout.

Hi Gang…

After years of searching, the long lost Bill Tritt interview from 1993 was found by Jean Poirier.

You Glasspar guys out there should know Jean’s name by now.  Jean is the first Glasspar G2 historian of record, and started the Glasspar G2 club back in the early 1990’s.  From there, Bill Hoover took the helm, and with the blessing from the Hoover family, myself as well as Rodney Packwood have steered the Glasspar G2 interest group – as part of the larger Forgotten Fiberglass entourage.

We might be a small group gang – but we’re mighty!  (mighty small???)


Traveling to Union, West Virginia

Back in the early 1990’s, Jean and his wife Joy took a trip to West Virginia to visit Bill Tritt and his wife Natalie.  Thanks to their combined efforts and his wife Joy’s cinematography, this interview can now be shared on the internet.

The interview with Bill is about 15 minutes long and is a conversation about boats, cars and other items of interest.  You’ll also hear about the Glasspar G2 that Bill and Natalie found in Belize, Central America.  Bill also gives us clues on how to find the contact person who owns this specific car.

Think “Indiana Jones” here gang.   Concerning this long lost car stuck in Belize, Central America……

Bill and His Wife Natalie Hosted Jean and Joy Poirier During Their 1993 Visit to Their Home in West Virginia.

Could this be the missing Brooks Boxer?

Could this be the missing Morgensen Special #1?

Could this be the Alembic I?

Could this be the Dr. Robert Swan Special?

Could this be Shorty Post’s Race Car?

Could this be the Glasspar G2 that ran in the Mexico Panamerica Race?

Could this be the Vaughn Singer G2 – missing since 1952?

Since Rodney and I have not found any of these cars – yet we have located 65 of the 100 G2’s built – odds are growing strong that the car in Belize could be one of these missing cars.  What a fantastic find this would be!

You never know.

Who will be the first to find this car and it’s history???  I stand ready with keyboard in hand to assist documenting the story that you bring back from Belize.  Remember to wear a hat and take a bullwhip.  I understand those things are necessary – from watching movies.

And now….with great fanfare….the long lost, Bill Tritt Interview – hosted by Jean Poirier.  It’s about 15 minutes long.  Take notes gang – and be the first to find this car!

[vsw id=”VZYpaI9Y62M” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Thanks again to Jean and Joy Poirier for making this video available to us.  Bill Tritt was in his late 70’s when this video was completed.

Keep us posted if any of you are going on a “treasure hunt” to Belize and…

Hope you enjoyed the story.  Until next time…

Glass on gang…



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  1. hello, i’d love to watch the video of this interview.i can’t seem to find the link where to view this. i was actually a fairly close friend of bill and natalie’s when i was a child and still live less than a 1/4 mile from his homestead where his son currently resides. he was an amazing man and would really like to be able to download this interview. thank you.

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