1956 Victress C3 Coupe Poster Now Available

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Thanks to the help of Dan Palatnik, we’ve been releasing more artwork of Undiscovered Classic cars of late.  You can see some of his work that we recently released via the link below:

Click on this Link to View Undiscovered Classics Posters

Today’s poster is one we’re quite proud of.  I asked Dan to put together a poster for specific cars that we can roll out throughout the year.  Our first poster focuses on a single car – the 1956 Victress C3 Coupe designed by Merrill Powell.  Let’s check out the poster below.

Car Featured on the Poster

The Victress C3 coupe featured on the poster was one built by our own Undiscovered Classics aficionados back in the late 1950s – Bill and Rodney Packwood.  Several years ago the car was found and Rodney brought the car back home and I’m pleased to say that the restoration of the “Packwood Special” will be completed soon.  More information on the history and restoration of this car in the near future.

Printing The Poster

Those of you wanting to print a version of the poster for yourself can simply “right click” and save an image to your desktop.  If you want to print a larger version of this poster, I’ll send you a higher resolution file and you can work with your local print shop to print a copy on glossy or matte paper.  With the higher resolution file, you can make a poster size print for your wall.  E-mail me at Undiscovered.Classics@Gmail.com


Recently, Dan Palatnik’s work was celebrated by Daniel Strohl of Hemmings Motor News.  Those of you wanting to learn more about his work can click on the link below:

Click  Here  To  Learn  More  About  Dan  Palatnik  and  his  Artwork

Those of you who want to see more of the posters we have available, click on the link below:

Click  Here  To  View  All  Undiscovered  Classics  Posters

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.



1956 Victress C3 Coupe Poster Now Available — 4 Comments

  1. When you consider the other vehicles on the road at the time, this car is like a rocket ship, or UFO of automobiles. With very few refinements, this car could compete in today’s market, as far as its overall appeal. Too bad there aren’t more of them around, or at least the molds!
    One of the best finds, and best art yet!

  2. When you compare the Victress to contemporary designs like the 1956 Corvette or Thunderbird the beauty of the car really shines.

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