Dan Palatnik’s Work Celebrated at Hemmings Motor News

Above: Dan Palatnik’s Dramatic Rendering of our 1948 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet

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Dan Strohl of Hemmings Motor News posted an article this weekend on one of our favorite people – Dan Palatnik (you can scroll down in this story and follow the link to read the story in Hemmings about Dan).  I met Dan 10+ years ago when I saw work of his in 3D on the internet and was blown away buy its beauty – and his ability to render objects such as cars, boats, radios and other items faithfully and beautifully.  I asked Dan for his help in creating artwork for the cars we study and he kindly agreed.

The reason we needed to bring a talented person on board with us is that most of the cars we study haven’t been photographed in 50+ years.  That means that vintage photos were all that was available to us early on – very few photos existed that showed the beauty of many of these cars.  That’s where Dan was able to change the game for us – he’s made an incredible impact on the cars of Undiscovered Classics.

We’re 10+ years running and (thankfully) there’s no stopping now 🙂  Let’s revisit some of Dan’s work with Undiscovered Classics.

Our Initial Line Art Work With Dan Palatnik

We started simple first and tapped into his skills with 2D line art.  Here are some of those illustrations from years ago.

Our First 3D Renderings With Dan Palatnik:

Our first 3D renderings with Dan started with our 1947 Kurtis-Omohundro comet as shown below.  But Dan didn’t stop there.  He suggested we needed a more sophisticated version of line art to show our cars from several views.  Samples of each of these pieces of work are shown below.

Dan Palatnik’s Work To Produce Scale Model Cars

Dan’s work has been used as the basis to create Undiscovered Classic 1:43 scale models by Esval as shown below.

Click Here To Learn More About Dan’s Work With Esval to Produce Scale Model Cars

Dan Palatnik & Posters

Our latest project with Dan Palatnik is creating posters to showcase Undiscovered Classic cars.  Our first poster is shown below:

Click Here to Learn More About Dan Palatnik’s Work in Creating Posters

Dan Palatnik in Hemmings Motor News:

Dan Palatnik contributes to so many things we do that I am honored to share Dan Strohl’s Hemmings article about Dan Palatnik with you today.  There have been two articles in Hemmings about Dan Palatnik’s work authored by Dan Strohl:

Click Here To Read Hemmings Article on Dan Palatnik: Posted May 31, 2020

Click Here To Read Hemmings Article on Dan Palatnik: Posted November 27, 2013


Dan Palatnik and I have became fast friends and I have celebrated his work as he expanded with us and with our friends.  Dan has rendered automobiles for folks such as Marshall Foxworthy, Jim Simpson, Mark Brinker, Raffi Minasian, Erich Schultz, Guy Dirkin and many others.  Dan is one talented guy!  For those of you wanting to learn more about Dan’s work with Undiscovered Classics, click on the link below:

Click Here To Learn More About Dan Palatnik’s Work with Undiscovered Classics

Those of you wanting to contact Dan Palatnik can do so directly via his email address:  dan.palat@gmail.com

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.



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  1. Palatnik could teach everybody in Detroit how to design cars.
    He obviously has innate taste, and sensitivity to color and light, as well as line. My dream is to have him make some subtle
    alterations to the Victress I want, and have Geoff’s team do the
    work. When I have the money. Thank you Geoff,and well done as usual.

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