Byers Sports Car Section Added to Undiscovered Classics

Two Beautifully Restored Byers SR-100 Sports Cars

Hi Gang…

We’re proud to release a newly created section of Undiscovered Classics that focuses on the history of the Byers Sports cars.  Our research into this marque started in 2007, and took the help of many to complete.  This help came from Byers owners such as Guy Dirkin, Geordie Prodis, John Furlow, Phil Fleming, Dave Petersen, Barry Hall, George McGuire, Cal Johnson, Leon Mull, Jim Weissenborn and others.

Our research also involved individuals who worked with Jim Byers, knew Jim Byers, built their cars and other historical relationships such as Rollie Langston, Frank (employee/friend) and Marge Tifft, Margaret Tifft, Tim Chrisman, Erich Schultz, Merrill Powell (Victress), Joe Kane, Harry King, John “Bat” Masterson, Ron Cummings, Dick Jones (Meteor), Rodger Gregerson, Gary Osko, Denny Larson, Bill and Ed Fort, Rory Reinbold, Ron Kellogg, Doug Winther, Julie Fields, Ron Berri and others. 

Compiling the history on Byers was the work of many, and we’re indebted to those on the list above and others too for helping to make this happen.

Byers From Road & Track Photo Shoot in 1956. Owner/Driver: William Fort. Passenger: Ed Fort – Bill’s son.

Introducing the Byers Sports Car History Section

The Byers section of our website is the “jumping off” point for several sections focused on the history of this marque.  Some of these sections include:

  • Vintage  and  Modern  Byers  Sports  Car  Articles
  • Byers  Sports  Car  Brochures
  • Byers  Advertising
  • SR-100  Specifications
  • CR-90 /  CR-90S  Specifications
  • Original  Byers  Communication
  • Vintage  Byers  Photography
  • Byers  Sports  Car  Artwork
  • Byers  Blueprints  and  Wireframes  /  Cutaways
  • Jim  Byers  Boats
  • And More

John “Bat” Masterson’s Byers CR-90 Race Car

The information doesn’t stop there.  The pages above have links that allow you to further explore this information as well as addition detail such as:

  • Byers Showcase of beautifully restored cars
  • Byers Sports Car Registry for all owners
  • A section on how you can build your own Byers SR-100 today

We’re also in the process of putting together a book on Byers sports cars and will be releasing this in the future on our website.  The book will allow us to go further into the history of this marque and will be another way to celebrate these special cars.

Starting Your Byers Sports Car Experience

The Byers History section is found in the “Forgotten Fiberglass section of our website.  When you are viewing this section you can take the following action to get to Byers history:

  • First, click on “Forgotten Fiberglass” in the Menu Bar at the top of any of our website pages
  • Next, scroll down and under the section on “Fiberglass Car History and Marques” click on “Generations 0 thru 4”
  • Then, at the next page, click on “Generation 1: 1951-1956”
  • Finally, at the next page, click on “Byers” – and you’re there 🙂

For those of you wanting to explore the Byers section now and skip the steps above, click on the link below

Click  Here  To  View  Byers  Sports  Car  History

Cutaway of Byers SR-100 Sports Car – Road & Track Magazine


We’ll be completing sections on our website that will be providing access to complete histories of these lost sports car marques as we move forward on sharing history here at Undiscovered Classics – so you can expect a great more detail to be shared in the coming months.  In the meantime, great thanks to those who have helped us compile this information and we hope you find this new section on the history of the Byers sports car intriguing.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.



Byers Sports Car Section Added to Undiscovered Classics — 2 Comments

  1. Bravo, Bravo! My favorite Fiberglass body, and the stories about them. Still have the Road & Tract cover of the car. As well a the story of the John Furlow Kurtis chassis car that appeared in an over size format with wonderful photographs of the car. Also took a dozen pic’s of the car at Amelia Island and talked with Mr. Furlow. And now the joy of all the Byers between two cover. Can’t wait. Cheers Mike.

    • @Michael Lugo – Thanks for the kind words and glad you like the new Byers section we added. Hopefully you’ll find some surprises with new information, photographs and cars that will brighten your day. Thanks for sharing Michael 🙂 Geoff

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