The Salem GMC Kurtis Byers SR100: John Furlow’s Restored Beauty (Sportscar Specials, Trend Book 178, 1958)

Hi Gang… The clamor to share more of the history of John Furlow’s “Salem GMC Kurtis Byers” has been heard.  Today’s article is from the ’58 book by Motor Trend called “Sportscar Specials” – authored by Bob Rolofson. Let’s see … Continue reading

Come One, Come All….The Fiberglass Ads of Car Craft, March 1956

Hi Gang… How did our favorite ‘glass companies get new business? Was it thru articles in magazines? Was it thru brochures? How ‘bout racing events at Bonneville and road courses? And course thru word of mouth – right? So how … Continue reading

World’s Most Beautiful Sports Car: The Byers SR-100 Special (Road and Track, February 1957)

Hi Gang… First….a “welcome home” to fiberglass friend Guy Dirkin who just returned from Europe last evening.  Great to have you back on safe American soil.  Guy…’s story is for you (Guy’s a Byers SR100 owner..).  So… What’s the highest … Continue reading