The Lost Racing Devin – Nearly Twenty Years And Counting…

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Fifteen to twenty years ago, Glasspar Historian Emeritus (also a legendary car finder) Jean Poirier and his brother Emile went on a trek to see a long lost Devin racecar.  It was being sold by a private owner in Massachusetts, and that was all that was known of it at that time.

Was it a race car?

Was it a sports car?

What engine did it have?

Is that a Buick Nailhead I spot?

Let’s have a look at the photos from that day:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


That’s one gigantic hood scoop gang.  That should make the car quite identifiable if someone knows the heritage of it.

Does the car still exist?

Is it hiding in the lonesome backyard of someone in the Northeast?

Has it been fully restored?

Perhaps all that remains are the photos that Jean Poirier took on that day so long ago.

So many questions….

Maybe one of the Forgotten Fiberglass Aficionados knows the rest of the story, and will tell it here at Forgotten Fiberglass 🙂

Thanks again to Jean Poirier for sharing the photos from so long ago.  Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…



The Lost Racing Devin – Nearly Twenty Years And Counting… — 3 Comments

  1. If this was a race car most likely used to drag race. The Buick nail-head with Dyna-flow would not be much good for road racing. The steering wheel is British and some of the chassis might be Austin Healey. They have the same lug pattern as Buick [looks likea Buick wheel on the front]

  2. Interesting story…but not all that surprising either. Due to their weight, relatively cheap cost, and availability, custom FG bodies were used quite often as race cars by second and third owners…i.e. “Johnny Dark”.

    Its a long story, but the Venus I currently own (with origins in Massachusetts) had been put on EBay just to “fish” for what someone was willing to pay for it. At that time on EBay, you could find out what other auctions another bidder was bidding on as well as what auctions he had won. The “top” bidder was a guy who reguarly bought fiberglass customs to use in destruction derbys. I simply could not allow that to happen. Unfortunately, that Venus was WAY too expensive due to the bids on EBay.

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