The 1958 Norman Switzer Customized Car – St. Petersburg, Florida

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How could I resist?

This photo was being offered with other press release photos I found in the Florida area and it called to me from afar.  Is it fiberglass?  Is it a steel custom?  I’m going to guess fiberglass, but I certainly could be wrong.

Little is known about this Florida-based custom apart from what is shown on the back of the photo.  Evidently, four photos were shot and at least one made it into the local (Thursday) edition around the month of May in 1958.

So…maybe one of you Forgotten Fiberglassateurs can learn more about this car – or maybe even have the article.  Or perhaps….Norman Switzer and/or his family is still out there waiting to be found along with his car.

What a hit this would be at the current exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum on “Cars with Fins.” Click here to review the exhibit, which by the way, includes a few of our fiberglass finned wonders and even Wayne Graefen’s cool Spohn bodied custom.




So….”fins alive” to all of you and here’s hoping we find the coolest fiber-finned car of all – the Norman Switzer Custom Car from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

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