1952 Manta Ray Scale Models Now Available

Esval Now Has Two Versions of the Manta Ray Available

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Great news…..you can now create your own Undiscovered Classics collection and save some garage space while doing so.   Thanks to the efforts of Alex Kotyar of Esval Models and some keen rendering work of artist extraordinaire Dan Palatnik, scale models of the 1952 Manta Ray Show Car have been designed, developed and released.  Let’s check out how the 1:43 scale model looks with some close-up images.

1952 Manta Ray Show Car

There are two versions of the model available for purchase – one with the hardtop and one without.  Both are shown below.

Learn More About The 1952 Manta Ray Show Car

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About Esval Models:

Esval Models is a relatively new company located in New Jersey founded by model car enthusiasts and collectors with over 40 years of experience.  All Esval’s models are crafted from resin in 1:43, 1:24, & 1:18 scales.  The Esval Models brand has gained a worldwide recognition in the past several years and is well-known now for highly accurate and detailed replicas of interesting and historical classic and modern cars.

Esval’s assortment of models is growing and now includes models of cars that appeal to our Undiscovered Classics community.  We’re honored by their choice to model some of the cars we celebrate and look forward to sharing more stories about current and future scale models that are (and will be) available soon.

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Purchase: How to Put One of These Models in Your Garage

All 1:43 scale models are priced at $99.99 plus shipping.  If you are interested in obtaining any of these beautiful replicas, please contact Esval Models directly at info@esvalgroup.com


Great thanks to Alex Kotlyar of Esval models for making Undiscovered Classic cars available to the public.  As with any limited offering, if you are interested in obtaining one of these models, be sure to send them an e-mail at the address above.  You can also drop us a line via e-mail or phone too – always happy to help.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.



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