Glasspar G2 Photos and Video in Johnny Dark Film – Starring Tony Curtis

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If you’re here at Forgotten Fiberglass, then you HAVE to see this 1954 movie starring Tony Curtis, Piper Laurie and Don Taylor.  It’s manna from heaven if you like the handcrafted sports cars of the 1950s and includes 8 different handbuilt sports cars – including a Glasspar G2.

First, let’s check out the 3 minute movie trailer:

And now…the reasons for today’s story.

Great fiber-friend Dennis Gerdes – son of the foreman for Glasspar in the 1950s Warren Gerdes – who was responsible for all sports car bodies built by Glasspar from 1952 to 1954 – asked me for any movie stills that featured the Glasspar G2 sports car.

Dennis….these photos below are for you – and other folks who appreciate this special limited production beauty.  And away we go 🙂

4_Glasspar_Flying Arrow #14 1751-33 1751-36 1751-38 1751-43 1751-49


So where is this G2 sports car today?  Some say they have the car but it doesn’t match the specifics of the car in the film.  And….for these reasons it remains missing today.  But have no fear…Glasspar fiber-adventurers such as Dennis Gerdes, Rodney Packwood, many of you and including myself are off and running and on the hunt to find this special lost sports car with a great movie history.

And of course, the full length movie – about 90 minutes long – has more photos and action shots of the Glasspar G2 – all to enjoy with some popcorn too!

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

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Glasspar G2 Photos and Video in Johnny Dark Film – Starring Tony Curtis — 7 Comments

  1. Great stuff! Mostly just a lurker (I do have a 1960 Corvette, but that counts for nothing here!), but I do have a vast knowledge of autos and especially PARTS and TECHNICAL stuff because I worked in a machine ship in the late 60’s and auto parts store.
    Just need to make a correction: 5 bolts on 4-1/2″ circle pattern were used on Fords for a long time, at least from 1949 thru 80’s and Mopars. I know my 1934 Dodge 1/2 ton had that bolt pattern and clear up thru the 1980’s when I stopped paying attention. Many mid 50’s Mopars had LH threads on the left side.
    But he mentioned GTO Pontiacs and ALL GM intermediates ALSO full size Chevy from 1949 used 5 bolts on 4-3/4″ circle. 7/16 -20 studs and wheel nuts. All RH threads and strangely precious few left side wheels fell off.

  2. Great movie! Could those bumpers be 40 Ford? I like these pictures because it shows you how high the steering wheel was placed in the dash and how low the body fit over the tires. I wish I had the driver’s door but I would not modify my one door Glasspar.

  3. B, C, & D movies are some of car guy’s best sources of rare classic car sightings. This one is awesome. For us pre-war Willy’s coupe fanatics there is an old made-for-TV movie called simply “Hot Rod”, starring Robert Culp, Pernell Roberts (Adam Cartright on Bonanza) and a few other actors who had fair bit-part careers. Plot was juvenile, acting was almost unbearable, dirtecting, cinematography, and all other cinema skills were absent but it is a movie I watch very often. The true star of the film is a hemi powered, gray primer, 1942 Willys coupe gasser. LOTS of screen time for the car racing, cruising and just sitting there lookin’ good!

  4. Other details: It has 15″ wheels that are likely 4 1/2″ x 5 lug pattern. Chassis might be Henry J or a modified 1950 type Ford. These wire wheel hubcaps were made in 15″ and later 14″ for GTO Pontiacs. The steering with 3 on the tree came out in 1940 for Fords and remained basically unchanged through 1948 on their cars and til 1956 on the pickups. The steering wheel looks prewar – 1940 standard or 40 41 pickup. It may be Jeep/Henry J powered like the Woodills in the movie.

  5. Glad you enjoyed the story John. The key to finding the car is matching the gastank filler location, the dashboard, and the wheelwell. If these have not been modified, we may be able to identify the car with greater certainty. Thanks for your post John!

  6. Hi Geoff. Or should I refer to you as “The Posting Machine”? The volume and spectrum have been amazing. Thanks to you and your entire staff!!! —– wink—– So, I really thought I had this one. Comparing the car I have to the movie car, starting from the rear.
    -Signal lights the same in the same position on body.
    -gas fill in same position
    -appears pictures indicate a bench seat the way it conforms to the top line of the body
    -two door (has driver door)
    -steering column looks like a column shift. Two tubular shafts thought firewall,
    -though can’t see shift lever.
    -gauges appear to be arranged by their top line with one larger gauge centered to the car and two smaller ones on each side with toggles and other things placed in the extra spaces below the smaller gauges.
    -windshield has top corners down slopping with curved side braces.
    -there are no front turn indicators below the headlights.
    The two differences are the bumpers and the spare tire well built into the body’s rear. Soooooo close!!!! We’ll have to keep on looking. Great article!!!!!!

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