Edge Motor Museum in Memphis, Tennessee Adds Glasspar G2 to its Collection

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Alan and Jen Mortlock are getting ready to move back to the UK, and I’ll be sad to see them go.  I met Alan and Jen over 10 years ago when they first acquired their Glasspar G2 sports car and I was impressed with the quality of their work and the speed of which they were able to do their restoration.  I had a chance to personally see the car and Alan’s work when I stopped by in August, 2009 on my way to Bonneville with the 1946 Bill Burke Belly Tank Streamliner – but that’s a different story.  Check out the photos below from August, 2009.

Alan and Jen Mortlock at their home in Sikeston, Missouri – August, 2009.  I picked up Alan and off we went to Bonneville Speedweek with the Burke Belly Tank.  What an adventure that was for both of us.

Alan never sleeps. Soon after he acquired the Glasspar he was off tearing it up and beginning its restoration. Here the body is nearly finished and chassis work is getting ready to begin – August, 2009.

Ahh….the beauty of an original Glasspar G2 VIN tag. Bill Tritt constructed these from Brass as you would any product coming out of a professional boat shop in the 1950s  – which Glasspar was.

In short order after purchase, Alan had pressed the G2 into restoration and by early 2010 he was on his way to nearly finishing the car.  I wish all restoration could go so quickly!  Check out the story when he was nearing the end of the restoration in April, 2010:

Click Here To View “In-Process” Restoration Story on the Mortlock Glasspar G2

Alan continued and in less than two years the restoration work on the Glasspar G2 sports car was completed – and what a beautiful car it turned out to be.  Check out the story of the restoration and the finished photos below.  Alan and Jen’s Glasspar even has its G2 badge above the Glasspar grille on the front – what a beautiful piece of jewelry to show off on such a nicely finished car.

Click Here To View the Final Restoration Story – and photos – of the Mortlock Glasspar G2

Hemmings Motor News thought highly enough of the finished Glasspar G2 sports car that they featured it in a four-page story in their April, 2012 magazine.

Click Here To Read The April, 2012 Hemmings Story on the Morlock Glasspar

What a great view at night into their well-lit showroom that showcases their museum cars at the Edge Motor Museum in Memphis, Tennessee

Museum Acquisition

The Edge Motor Museum is new to the automotive community, and it opened earlier this year.  The collection of cars looks superb and I look forward to stopping in next time I’m heading north – especially since they have now added Alan and Jen Mortlock’s Glasspar G2 to their collection.  And what an announcement it was.

When the night of the “reveal” finally occurred, they cloaked the G2 in mystery as it spun on their automobile turnstile in the center of the room.  The invitees gathered ’round for the announcement and the unveiling with Alan and Jen Mortlock on hand waiting in anticipation.  And so…

They removed the cloak and revealed the Glasspar G2 for all to enjoy.  The history of the Glasspar Company and their Glasspar G2 sports car was shared and Alan and Jen Mortlock were there to answer questions and celebrate the acquisition and display of their car by the Edge Museum with all of the celebrants on hand.

What a night that must have been 🙂

Across the land, Undiscovered Classics cars are more prominence, attention and celebration than in any years below.  There’s much to be proud of gang and the Edge Motor Museum is leading the way by showcasing special interest cars such as the Glasspar G2 sports car.  For those of you wanting to learn more about this museum, click on the following links:

Click Here To Read a Story About the Edge Motor Museum Opening Up This Year in Memphis, Tennessee

Click Here To Visit the Website for the Edge Motor Museum


So the Mortlock lock family is heading back to the UK with fewer restored cars in their collection.  Alan and Jen….don’t worry we can still talk via Skype and WeChat and all other services that are “free” so you can’t get away from us that easily….*wink*

But more the question…..are you ready to find and restore one of those rare UK vintage fiberglass jobs I’ve heard so much about these past years?  Do I have a job for you! 🙂   And if you find one and restore it, let’s cover the story for you here at Undiscovered Classics.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.



Edge Motor Museum in Memphis, Tennessee Adds Glasspar G2 to its Collection — 8 Comments

  1. Hey, My old car looks great. I talked to Alan a few times on the phone during the restoration, but don’t see where the gaps in the car’s history are published anywhere. So, for posterity here goes. I traded a gentleman, named Mark Mraz, in Shiner Texas a Honda motorcycle for this car in about 1985-86. I was stationed in the Army at Fort Hood at the time and drove this car frequently when the weather allowed. It was a blast to drive, it was hard to steer, the brakes were weak, but it was fast as hell. I read in another section of this post that the horsepower of that old Ford V8 is now estimated at 170hp. Not disputing it, but the Glasspar would out accelerate my ’69 350/350hp Corvette that I had at the time. Had lots of fun dusting hot cars from stoplight to stoplight with it, (yes, I was an irresponsible 20 something). The car sat, in storage, with my father-in-law while I was stationed in Germany from 1987 to 1990. I sold it to Clifton Hill in Oklahoma around 1993. Fantastic to see it in it’s current condition and location. Thanks, Scott

  2. ~ After admiring this car in Geoff’s articles and postings I saw it on display at Easter Concours in Forest Park, St Louis, 2014or’15. I briefly met the Mortlocks and viewed the G2 in detail. Somewhere I may have photos.

  3. Dear Geoff, The last couple of months have been pure joy. Just one story after another, with great cars being born again and their history told and the details of the parts used and problems overcome. The value of details, to guide any one who has one of these cars is priceless. Well Done Geoff. Cheers, Michael

    • Thanks for the kind words Michael. For what it’s worth, I’ve shared about 5% of what I have in my archives on our website. I’m picking up the pace because this info needs to get out there faster than ever. Hope you like what’s to come, and thanks for your support. Geoff

  4. This is quite simple the BEST Glasspar G2 ever! What makes it so, is the fact that it is done in the most wonderful balance of parts used, and the quality of the work that I have seen to date. The bumper are just right, the use of production part for the lights, is again just right. No flash or boy racer crap on the car. Rather it looks like a production car from a major car company of 1953. In is in its restrain, that the car shines. The paint color choice of Gold is wonderful, almost inspired, and with the right wheels on and the whitewalls to tie it all together. The T-Bird intake on the hood is perfect. Bravo, Bravo.

  5. Hi Alan and Jen. Why on earth did you leave the G2 in America? Here in UK I’m sure it would be the only one on the road, although most people wouldn’t know what the heck they were looking at or it’s prominence in USA. Welcome home.

  6. Alan and Jen,
    Congratulations on getting your Glasspar G2 into it’s new home. It couldn’t be in a better place.
    We’re all going to miss you both, guess I will have to come to the UK in the near future. We have a lot of great memories here in the USA and hopefully more to make.
    Thanks to Geoff Hacker for all the Research and History of the Glasspar G2 Fiberglass Sportscars and many others.
    It’s a great pleasure knowing you and your passion for these pieces of History.
    Regards, Dennis Gerdes

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