The Lyle Cochran Special: Badge Bar Journal – August, 1954

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What a great looking sports car!  And I love the write up.  As Rick D’Louhy and I continue to locate rare magazines, newspapers, race programs, show programs, and the like….we continue to uncover fiber-treasure inside – cars we’ve never seen or heard of before.

Let’s review the photo and caption of this car for sale back in 1954.  And remember…you can click on the photo below to make it appear larger on your screen.scan_552

For Sale: Fiberglass Two Seater
August, 1954: Badge Bar Journal

For Sale: Fiberglass two seater, ’39 Lincoln Zephyr frame & running gear.  1941 Lincoln hydraulic brakes, V8 ¾ engine, 100 mph plus with acceleration gearing, 50-50 weight distribution, 2700 pounds, low center of gravity, re-worked springs, special shocks, 17-1 power/weight ratio, 108” wheelbase, engine mounted 24 inches to the rear.

$1000 takes it, and that is discounting the labor of love.  Lt. Colonel Lyle Cohran, 22 Bradley Avenue, Novato, California or call Hamilton Field Extension 23200.  “Going to England.”


I love one-off sports cars – especially the ones that were nicely done.  This particular car has some nice vestiges of prewar styling still on it yet it speaks to sports car performance and design.  It’s big – 108 inch wheelbase is 8 inches longer than a typical Glasspar G2, Victress S1A, Meteor, Byers….you get the picture.  but, it has the speed, power, and weight distribution to make it a ground pounder.

The weight – 2700 – is about 500 pounds more than the typical fiberglass special of the day, so it looks and feels more like an “American Boulevard Cruiser” than a down the middle sports car build.

So where is this car today?

Anyone want to help locate Lyle’s family and/or the car?  This car was last seen in California – where most of these “specials” were built.  We’ve been very successful doing this but Rick D’Louhy and I would even be even more ecstatic if one of the fiber-tribe took the lead and came up with the story and car.

It doesn’t get better than this type of adventure now, does it?

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

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The Lyle Cochran Special: Badge Bar Journal – August, 1954 — 3 Comments

  1. Have to wonder if the fenders are fiberglass. Could be stock 1938/39 Zephyr steel or they were used for the mold. The frame was shortened 17″. The general concept is like some Coachcraft Ltd customs. The windshield is wooden boat – got one just like it.

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