Gene Winfield Shares Photos of the CRV: Part 1

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Back in 2008, I traveled to California to spend some time with Gene Winfield – customizing legend from the 50s forward and all around great car guy.  I had made the trip to confirm that he was the one that had built and finished my Covington Tiburon Coupe back around 1963/1964, and also to learn more about one of my favorite cars from the 1960s – the CRV Piranha.


During our time together, Gene was kind enough to share several original photos of the CRV with me along with press release material too.  Gene had worked with one of these cars to turn it into a custom version of itself for the use in the TV series “Man From Uncle.”  It’s  a striking finished car in every way.


It’s these pieces shared with me by Gene Winfield that I’ll be posting for you today and in the near future.

Let’s look at the press release followed by the three accompanying photos

All-Plastic Body
Press Release:  March 9, 1965

All plastic body of this sleek experimental sports/racing car developed by Marbon Chemical division of Borg-Warner Corporation in expanding markets for its products represents a new concept of design, engineering and production.

Top and bottom halves each are formed in 15 minutes, trimmed and joined together.  Passenger compartment is integrally thermoformed of ABS plastic sheet and includes bucket seats, center console for shift lever, fenders, wheel wells and complete underpan.

The research car is being road-tested throughout the country.  Tooling costs were around $30,000, less than 10 percent of the cost for fiberglass cars and many times less than the multi-million dollars cost for conventional metal autos.






Good friend and CRV historian Nick Whitlow has been working with Gene Winfield to document many of the show cars he did for movies and tv.  Be sure to visit his website on these cars by clicking here.  And…in the future I’m sure we’ll be able to share some of what Nick has found – and wants to share – here at Forgotten Fiberglass.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

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Gene Winfield Shares Photos of the CRV: Part 1 — 5 Comments

  1. We are still trying to locate this original car. It ended up in the hands of actor James Brolin in 1973 and was converted from water-cooled Sunbeam Alpine power to VW. He apparently raced it with Lee Eliminator sponsorship. All inquiries to Mr. Barbra Steisand have gone unanswered.

  2. I got a brochure–or maybe just a letter with photos and drawings–of this car and was seriously interested but–assuming my personal timeline is correct–went for a 396/425hp big-tank Vette coupe instead.

  3. ~ what an experience. Gene is a heroic talent to all of us ’60s teen males. and now i know a guy who knows Gene Winfield.
    . Kevin Bacon [cool in his own right] designed and built a what??

    i think Leno is making a serious mistake by not scheduling six-degrees of Dr Hacker before handing off to Fallon.

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