Hooray!!! The “Guy Mabee Victress Special” to Appear At Carlisle – May 16-18, 2014

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The “Import & Kit Nationals” show at Carlisle, Pennsylvania which is being held later this month keeps getting better and better.  I covered the seminar that we’ll be hosting in a story here last week.  Click here to review this story.  Most excitedly, Merrill Powell – the man from Victress himself and co-owner of Victress from 1953 to 1961 – will be headlining this seminar and sharing the history of his company with all that attend.

And now we have more great news to share…

The most famous Victress sports car ever made will be the headliner for our group – Jim and Lea Ann Robinson’s “Guy Mabee Victress Special.”  What fun this will be to see in person – and listen to that “growl” of the hemi…sounds from the past.

Why is this such an important car?  Back in August, 1953 Joe Mabee piloted this sports car to a record setting 203.105 mph two-way average at Bonneville – the first time a sports car broke the 200 mph barrier – and this was on alcohol-nitro mix.  What an amazing achievement this was for the man who built this car – Denny Larsen – and the builder of the engine – Ray Brown.

In honor of the “Guy Mabee Special” participating this year at Carlisle, we here at Forgotten Fiberglass are going to have our first “Victress Weekend” – kicking off with our announcement today, and including vintage and modern photos below of the Guy Mabee Drilling Company Special.  I hope you enjoy these photos and look forward to sharing more stories this weekend about this special car.

And away we go…



The next series of photos below show the cars that went over 200 mph at Bonneville in August, 1953 and the awards that were being handed out – quite impressive cars and trophies!







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The photos shared above were from the “Denny Larsen Collection” as well as from the personal collection of Jim and Lea Ann Robinson.  Thanks to both of these families for permission to share these with our followers here at Forgotten Fiberglass.

Tomorrow we’ll share a vintage story from Hot Rod Magazine in 1954 about the Guy Mabee Special, and on Sunday we’ll share a more modern “retrospective” on this car.  Lots to cover here on our first “Victress Weekend.”  🙂

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

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Hooray!!! The “Guy Mabee Victress Special” to Appear At Carlisle – May 16-18, 2014 — 8 Comments

  1. I can’t convince myself to spring for the bucks it would cost me just to go and see some cars on the grass. So I hope someone will take a lot of pictures and post them on our website.

    Mel Keys

  2. At one time this car had a ZF 4 speed same as used in the 1956 Daytona Duntov Corvette. Any one need one I have one. John Bond did a write-up on them in his Sports Car Design series.

  3. I am truly honored to be asked to participate in this great event. I’m really looking forward to seeing Lea Ann and Jim and the Guy Mabee Special again! It’s an exciting car, a terrific restoration, and historically very important.

  4. A true labor of love of the hunt and restoration at a top flight level.
    Congrats to Jim and Lea Ann for bringing it back to life along with the help of scores of others.

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