The Wendell “Slim” Fuller Volkswagen VW Special – Part 2

Hi Gang…

I didn’t know there would be a “part 2” to this story.  Now I hope that I can write a “part 3” which would feature the “find” of this car 🙂

Back in 2011, Glenn Brummer forwarded me an eBay listing with quite a bit of history and photos of the Wendell “Slim” Fuller special of Bloomington, Indiana.  Click here to review the first part of this story on Wendell “Slim” Fuller’s Volkswagen VW Special.

Part of what I received as part of the package was a photo with a story attached to it.  Here’s what the short story had to say:


Volkswagen Special: (1957)

This Volkswagen special was built by Wendell “Slim” Fuller of Bloomington and is one of 100 cars that will be exhibited in the Custom Car Auto Show to be held May 25th through May 29, in the Manufacturers building at the Indiana State fair grounds.

The Volkswagen was built to Fuller’s specifications and can be used as a sports car, for street driving or as a competition car.  With the German car are, left to right, Joyce Skaggs, Jackie Ball and Pat Dorsett, entrants in the Miss Universe contest that is being held in conjunction with the Custom Car Auto Show.

Today’s Find:

Last week, I was fortunate enough to meet the man, David Disney, whose father was president of the Custom Car Show in Indiana in 1957 – and for many years before.  David had 3 more 8×10 photos of the same car.  Let’s see what he had in his collection:





Will there be a “part 3” of this story?  I hope so…perhaps we’ll find Wendell himself or his family.  And…through the efforts of each of you out there ‘glass gang….we might find the car too 🙂

And by the way Glenn…..keep those links coming.  I appreciate your constant support and friendship to myself and our group every day.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…



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  1. Great engeering on this car,flipped transaxle ,tube frame. I could picture a body that would lift off for easy maintainance, great car , great artical!

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