Introducing The “Fabulous Forgotten Fiberglass Flyer” For The Glasspar G2 – And They’re Free!

Hi Gang…

What a great name: “Fabulous Forgotten Fiberglass Flyer…”

There was tremendous “buzz” about fiberglass sports cars at our recent appearance at the 2011 Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’ Elegance.  And all of us who were there delighted in sharing time with anyone and everyone who wanted to learn more.   And for a teacher like me – I was in heaven.

But all good instructors need materials – right?  Not just the car (although that helps a lot).  So… let’s fill a void that I hope will help each of us present each of our cars at events with the detail needed for those who attend that are interested.  In other words, you’re about to get your “textbook” for each of your cars.

Well…more like an “overview” – but I think this will help quite a bit.  With the help of Rollie Langston, Guy Dirkin, and several others of the “Forgotten Fiberglass Braintrust,” we’ve put together the first sample of a flyer for one of our cars – appropriately the first flyer being for the recognized first production fiberglass sports car – the Glasspar G2 by Bill Tritt.

The flyer below is designed to be printed on 8 and ½ x 11 paper (remember you’re now back in school) and in color.  I’ve used a close-up of the fiberglass from Guy Dirkin’s Lost Motor Trend Victress Special as the background, but it should be still easily read.  The back of the flyer is an excellent article written by fiber friend Harold Pace (thanks Harold) and should provide a good context for anyone you hand the flyer to at a show or event.

And the best news…anyone wanting to use these flyers can do so for free. 

I’ll send you the file and you can print it using any word processing program or desk top publishing software.  Or better yet – you tell me the specifics about your car and we’ll tailor the flyer with the information you want – and a max of 2 pictures as shown at the top of the flyer below.  Then, I’ll send you the completed file for printing in the tens, hundreds, or thousands.  Whatever quantity you plan for.

Have at it gang – here’s the flyer below.  And if you have any changes you recommend, let me know.  Be sure to use your mouse and click on each page below to make it larger on your screen.


I’ll be releasing more “Fabulous Forgotten Fiberglass Flyers” over the next year – and sooner for any of you needing a flyer for a car that I have not captured this way yet.   And by the way…the “overview” at the top of each flyer is a perfect description for any Concours d’ Elegance needing background or an overview for  your car.

I have a dream….at the next Forgotten Fiberglass event….eager fiberglass car owners using flyers to teach interested attendees everything we have come to love and appreciate about these fun fabulous forgotten fiberglass treasures 😉

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…

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Introducing The “Fabulous Forgotten Fiberglass Flyer” For The Glasspar G2 – And They’re Free! — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks guys. I think this approach will help give each of us a needed tool when showing our cars – something that will help the public appreciate their rarity and unique background even more. Which flyer should we do next? And….thanks for the comments. Geoff

  2. The Fabulous Forgotten Fiberglass Flyers are a great idea, Geoff. I predict they’ll be very popular. Now I gotta find a car for you to create a flyer for!

  3. Geoff,

    Great idea. I will send you a couple of pictures and a few other details about the Comet. Bill Tritt told the fellow that we bought the car from that ours is one of the first 10 he produced.


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