Introducing….The Glasspar Section of our Website

Hi Gang…

Getting the website up and running is exciting….but a challenge.  I’ve had great help from Shannon Smith, the programmer and web designer extraordinaire, but it’s a new program to me and will take time to learn.  But…I think it’s the right direction for our group and hope that you will enjoy the new features as we roll them out.

This past week….I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the “back-end” trying to work out how to organize information from other websites that are being brought into our website.  The first website that is being moved is the “Glasspar” website formerly on the Hemmings website.  It now appears on the main page of this website – under the “Fiberglass Facts” section.

To view this new section, take the following steps:

  • Click on “Fiberglass Facts” near the top of the screen (this is the new section added that will become the main database for our website)
  • Click on “Glasspar”
  • Explore the various links that appear at the top of each Glasspar page.
  • When you are finished viewing the Glasspar section, click on the “Fiberglass Facts” link at the top of the page, and you can start again.

This is the new format we’ll use to begin moving the information from our old “Fiberglass Sports Cars” website to this new website.  This will take time, but designing the structure this week to accomodate all the rest of the cars we want to feature was time well spent (I hope).

Rodney Packwood and I will begin expanding the Glasspar section of our website in the near future, and Steve Cowdin is already building the Skorpion side of our website – which I’ve started posting too.  Then…it’s off and running to Lancer, Grantham Stardust, Meteor, LaDawri and the rest of the cars.  Lots of work…but lots of fun!  And I hope you will enjoy the information too.

So….this is the reason why I have not posted stories in the past few days, and I hope you understand my digression.

Once agan…thanks to Patrick Hoover and his family for his support of our new website and inclusion of his Glasspar site in our new website.  Pat’s father Bill was instrumental along with Jean Poirier in founding the Glasspar Club in the 1990’s.  Please be sure to review the tribute to their work I posted on the “Glasspar – Home” page.

Remember gang…we now have the “Fiberglass Forums” up and ready for discussion.  If you want to comment on this story (instead of e-mailing the group), you just have to follow the instructions below.  We have 24 members signed up to post…who will be next???

Hope you enjoy the new features and see you online.


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Glasspar 1





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