Merrill Powell From Victress Turns 82 Today: Happy Birthday Merrill!!!

Hi Gang…

Merrill Powell, parner and co-owner of Victress Manufacturing  with Doc Boyce-Smith from 1953-1961, turns 82 years old today.

Happy Birthday Merrill!

Our “fearless leader of fiberglass” has joined us at nearly every significant fiber-event in the past 6 years including:

  • Amelia Island Concours d’ Elegance, 2007
  • Amelia Island Concours d’ Elegance, 2010
  • Petersen Automotive Museum “Fantasies of Fiberglass” exhibit, 2010
  • Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’ Elegance, 2011
  • And a gaggle of other ‘glass and non-glass car related events

What better way to say “Happy Birthday” then to review some of the ways in which Merrill and his “Merry Band of Fiber-Followers” have enjoyed each other’s company over the past few years.  The pictures shared are from the events mentioned above and other miscellaneous “car adventures” along the way these past many years.

And away we go….


So please join us in wishing Merrill Powell a wonderful and fun “Happy Birthday” today by posting your well-wishes in the “Comments” area at the bottom of this story.

And word on the street is that Merrill and Gerianne may be attending the Salisbury Concours d’ Elegance in September of this year – where we will be holding a “Forgotten Fiberglass” class.    Those of you attending may have an opportunity to say “hello” and “Happy Birthday” to Merrill in person.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed that both can join us in September.  Click here to learn more about the Salisbury Concours d’ Elegance.

So “Happy Birthday” Merrill, and may you have many more happy and healthy birthdays ahead of you.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…

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Merrill Powell From Victress Turns 82 Today: Happy Birthday Merrill!!! — 33 Comments

  1. Hi Merrill. Have no idea how I came upon this site, but I’m glad I did. So nice to see that you and Gerianne are doing well and have lots of good friends.

    We think of you often.

    Our very best wishes to you and yours, and Happy Birthday, Merrill!

    Greta Sue Marks (aka Diamond)

  2. Merrill, are you the Merrill Powell with whom I worked, on the Apollo Lunar Mission System and Medical Systems at North American Aviation, durring the 1960s?

    Your mention of “areospace” leads me to think You may be. I sure hope so.

    If so, please e-mail me at — .

    If not, let me say that, you have a good man’s name and, from all I’ve just read about you, I know you are a good man too.

    By the way, I remember the Merrell Powell I know invented a pick-up truck-bed cover system.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Even if you are not “my Merrell.)

  3. Clark, et al: Thanks again for all the kind words and wishes. I’m so happy to be able to help Geoff resurrect (sp) the history of Forgotten Fiberglass, and connect with old and new friends. When I left the fiberglass world for aerospace I never imagined I’d be reconnected 50-plus years later, and I’m having a ball!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Merrill . . . . I don’t know anybody else who is as immersed or versed in so many productive realms evolving from the fiberglass sports car creations of the fifties. You are a design and engineering genius who is truly interested in visiting with anybody who has a question for you, And you oh so happily have myriad plans for the future. . . . . looking forward to our next conversation. . . . and best regards to Gerianne . . . who is clearly your kindred
    spirit . . . .

  5. ~ ~ congratulations to you Geoff! i knew we were soon to be in for a huge jolt of news, information and entertainment from the front lines of fiberglass. another feather in a hat you’ll soon be having to replace with the upgraded model! scot

  6. Happy Birthday Merrill!! You still have the enthusiasm of a twenty year old. Your efforts with Victress were a major positive impact on my life with the C3 completed in 1961.Who knew 50 years later it would still be a story.Have a great day!! Bill Packwood

  7. Happiest of Birthday wishes!! Your ideas, visions and efforts were fiberglass art. Who would have thought then what it all would have become now 55+ years later. Thanks for the memories.

  8. Happy Birthday Merrill. Sorry I missed working with you at Victress. Doc sent me packing out the back door, at the same time you made your entrance in the front door.

    It was my pleasure to finally meet you and your lovely bride Gerianne. Your knowledge of engineering is what I admire about you, what a wealth of knowledge!!!

    I’m grateful to Geoff Hacker for his research skills to locate you and all the other greats of fiberglass, and pioneers at Victress.

    Merrill, you may be 82, but you still sport a very youthful spirit. Thanks for all your contributions!!

  9. Merrill Wishing you a most incredible Birthday… Hope you continue to enjoy creating for many years to come. We will continue to delight in your designs. Thanks.

  10. Happy Birthday, Merrill! I feel so lucky that I met you and had a chance to show you my S1A and my S5. It was such a special day for me. I’m looking forward to when you host a movie night and show “Not Tonight, Henry”. I’ve heard it’s truly an awesome film!

  11. ~ the best birthday song so far. Martina Mcbride & Jimmy Buffet team on ‘trip around the sun’. beautiful melody, philosophical lyrics, excellent images.
    many happy returns of the day, Merrill.
    it is a wonderful thing when a man can enjoy happy years of comfortable health filled with remarkable achievements, i salute you, sir. all of that && you made so many other’s lives more enjoyable. success, damn fine!!.your friends on this page express admiration, praise, respect, is there anything you wished for your b’day would beat that? ? – scot 😉

  12. Happy Birthday Merrill ! 🙂

    I am so glad to for the time I spent with you and Gerianne last summer. I hope you are looking forward to your next big adventure!

  13. Happy Birthday, Merrill! You and Gerianne are a very important componant of this group of glassy-eyed enthusiastists… your time and efforts (and hospitality!) are very much appreciated…and your creations will continue to be appreciated as long as automobiles exist. Thank You!

  14. Merrill,

    What a gift you’ve given the world! The returns of your creativity and leadership keep on giving to ever-widening circles of enthusiasts. Many more happy and healthy returns to you with my thanks and congratulations.

    Steve Steers

  15. All the best to you Merrill. Happy birthday ! I remember seeing you, and “Doc” and Bill Quirk at Victress many times while visiting my friend Alton Johnson when he was building his LeMans Coupe there.
    You are truly one of the most important guys in the early development of the wonderful cars of forgotten fiberglass. I, and hundreds of other “car guys” thank you for your contributions & ideas. I believe this is a very much undiscovered part of our car culture and heritage that lies between hot rodding and “detroit”, and folks like you and Jeff and Rick are doing a remarkable job of bringing it out to the world to see & appreciate.

  16. Geoff: Thanks so much for the “This is Your Life” birthday present! It is an honor to have become involved in the telling of the “Forgotten Fiberglass” story, and to have met so many wonderful folks who have become caught in your fiberglass web. Thanks to all for your well-wishes.

  17. Merrill, you look like you still have alot of get up and go, whats your next fiberglass car design? Thanks for all you’ve done for us ! Many more birthdays.

  18. Happy Birthday Merrill!

    It seems like only yesterday when we both had our heads down in a bucket of resin, a cigarette hanging on our lips, fiberglass and ground-up asbestos floating in the air and no EPA! OMG!… those were the days! Cheers to both you and Gerianne. Get to bed early!!

  19. Wishing you a fantastic birthday, Merrill. Beyond your terrific involvement with the earliest fiberglass sportscars so many years ago, you continue to help all of us “young guys” these days by sharing your depth of knowledge and providing great hands-on assistance. Any automotive event is enhanced by your presence, whether it’s in Amelia Island, FL, Milwaukee, WI or anywhere else. Many of us car guys are looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  20. Merrill, Ha ve a very Happy Birthday. Thank you for your part in getting this extremely interesting part of the car hobby started.

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