The Long Lost Don Cook Glasspar GMC Sportster – Classic G2 Sports Car In Every Way

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Here’s what a Classic Glasspar G2 Sports Car was – in every way, shape, and form – back in the ’52-53 timeframe.

It was a race car.  It was a sports car.  It was a drag car.  I’m sure it was a “babe magnet” too.   Hot Rod Magazine was so impressed in April of ’53 that it ran a two-page pictorial with 9 full-size photos.  Quite a car it was in every way.   And it didn’t stop there.

Don Cook’s Glasspar GMC Sportster raced many times at the Santa Ana Drag Strip – the earliest commercial drag racing venue in America.  We have 4 recorded times for him in 1953, with the fastest being 98/99 mph.  Click here to review the story of the Santa Ana Dragstrip and view Don Cook’s racing results.

The only information in the two page Hot Rod Magazine review of Don’s G2 are captions – and pictures, glorious pictures.  And who can’t love the “blue tint” to these photos.  I’m used to the “green tint” used by Road and Track, so this use of the “blue tint” is a bit new to me – and I like it!

Let’s take a look at what these pictures and the captions reviewed about this special car back in April 1953.  Remember…you can click on each of the pictures below to make them even larger on your screen.

GMC Sportster
GMC Powered Fiberglass Sports Car
Turns 99 MPH In Hot Rod Drag Meet.
Photos by Eric Rickman and W. G. Brown




Sir Rodney Packwood and I have found nearly 70 Glasspar G2 sports cars.  And none, yet have revealed themselves to be the missing Don Cook Glasspar GMC Sportster.  Surely one of these cars must be this long lost highly recognized car.

Which Glasspar G2 out there will ultimately turn out to be the Don Cook G2 Special?

Only one of you lucky Glasspar G2 owners will know, so start checking your Glasspar G2’s and let us know what you find.  And what a great day it will be to reunite the history of your car with its true origin.  How much better can you get than that gang?

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…

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The Long Lost Don Cook Glasspar GMC Sportster – Classic G2 Sports Car In Every Way — 2 Comments

  1. … AND, you have never met a nicer guy than Don Cook. Now that he’s “back in the loop”, I hope we hear more of his early 50’s Glasspar exploits. Check the dash, folks. May be a good clue to identify the cars’ whereabouts.

  2. Don Cook’s Glasspar is one of those cars you compare all others too, it has the right stance and its six cylinder with 180 h.p. would tear up most flatheads of the day, The shape of the hood looks like it was designed for a straight six. This was surely the Cobra of its day.

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