Mike Akens Victress S1A Nears Completion

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More and more we’re seeing handcrafted American sports specials being “discovered” and written about across America.  But something else interesting is happening too.  They’re being restored – just like Mike Akens’ Victress S1A roadster in today’s story.

Mike and I first met about 7 years ago when he discovered and brought home a Victress S1A.  Click here to view the first story we posted on Mike’s Victress back in 2014.  He was so excited about his acquisition that he jumped right onto its restoration and has been pushing hard since.  And as you’ll see in today’s story, great results occur from hard work.

Recently Mike shared with me the progress he’s made as he’s nearing the finish line on his restoration so let’s take a look at the car and his recent story.  Take it away Mike 🙂

Mike Akens: Update on March 16, 2020

My long term project to complete my Victress is nearing completion. I am attaching some pictures of my S1A fully mocked up and heading for Colorado State Inspection this Thursday March 19, 2020. After inspection I will apply for a VIN number and title.

It appears in a white gelcoat in these pictures with a planned final color being a light mint metallic green similar to a MG color used on one of their experimental race cars. I have been able to put about 60 miles on the completed Victress on country roads near my house. The car rides and handles very well and I am very excited to get it on the road.The brand new Ford Coyote engine sounds superb and with well north of 400 horse power it is exciting to drive. In the pictures you will notice my homemade grill and rollbar. I was able to use the original hood opening and the Victress hood hinges and door hinges. I would love to purchase two of your Victress emblems for final assembly. Thanks for all of your support. Below is a photo of “before” and “after” for my wheel centers.

Let’s take a look at more photos of Mike’s Victress S1A below.


Great thanks to Mike Akens for the update and the photos.  We’re pleased we could share this information with all of you here at Undiscovered Classics.  And be sure to watch this space for future updates on Mike’s Victress – looks like the next story may be a fully finished car.  Go get ’em Mike!

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.



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