Jeff & Anne McKay’s Glasspar G2

Hi Gang…

Another restored Glasspar G2 sports car is nearing completion.  Hooray!!!

Last week Jeff McKay shared an update of the restoration of his and his wife Anne’s G2 and it’s looking great!  Let’s check out the known history of this car and finish with some photos of how it looks today.  And away we go…

History of Jeff and Anne McKay’s Glasspar G2 Sports Car:

Tony Hildebrand of Florida owned this G2 along with another one – and raced this one in the 80s and perhaps 90s.  Originally, we thought the photos below were the earliest known of this car with the unique opening for the front grille.

However, these photos turned out to be of different G2 with a similar grille – owned by Joe Hatcher.  You can compare the vintage photo of the wide open grille and the frenched headlights to the more recent photo of the Hatcher Glasspar below.  So….we’re still on the hunt for some vintage photos of the McKay Glasspar.

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This G2 changed hands several times until most recently Bill Hair of California purchased it.  Next it was owned by Bob Schultz and it looked great as it continued to be in its “race-ready” condition during Bob’s ownership.  See below for photos of the Glasspar when it was prepared for sale:

3 4

Jeff and Anne McKay purchased the car and are in the process of restoring it to its original condition – starting with the grille of the car – and so far it’s looking great!  He modified a set of more recent BMW wire wheels and they really give that Glasspar a vintage look.  Nicely chosen Jeff!

The front end mold was created by Gary Hatfield of Texas who restored Mark Brinker’s famous Ardun-Mameco Glasspar race car.  Gary also had an original extra Glasspar G2 grille that the McKay’s were fortunate enough to purchase, and you can see the results below:

5 6 7 8


We’re still trying to track down the earlier history of this Glasspar G2, and two pieces of information may help.

First..the front grille appears to be unique to this car and may be found in vintage photos someday helping to establish its original ownership.  Second, a St. Christpher medal is on the gear shift, and if this was there “back in the day,” it may help us verify the provenance of this car and reunite it with its lost history.  Time will tell.

Jeff is readying a rebuilt Chrysler 331 to be installed in the next few months.  He’ll also be re-installing its racing MG windshield so look forward to an update and more photos in the near future.  And…be sure to scroll down and ask Jeff questions of interest in the “comments” area gang.

A very cool G2.  Good going here Jeff and Anne!  We look forward to the finished debut of your Glasspar on a showfield in the Northwest.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember gang…

The adventure continues here at Forgotten Fiberglass.



Jeff & Anne McKay’s Glasspar G2 — 18 Comments

  1. Wondered if this restoration is taking place in Tacoma, WA. Thought I saw a show registration for an Allard K3 under your name for the upcoming WWABFM

  2. Second ( or third) photo from the top there is a blue car on a trailer (3/4 rear view). I saw a yellow car like that in an old (European) movie and tried ever since to know what car is it.
    Thanks a lot! Pierre

  3. I think it’s looking great.. I want to see it in living color though..
    I like what he has done for the windshield..The wire wheels look great too..

    Mel Keys

  4. Beautiful Job . I agree with the wheel comment – Dad was fond of early Ford V8 wheels and used them on one of the cars back then. That car was black (with whitewalls)- there are pics somewhere of it parked on Newport blvd. near the plant in Costa Mesa. Congratulations ! Greg

    • Jerry,

      Your car is awesome! It was interesting that both cars have the same MGA windshield. (Mine had that in period, yours too?) I am using a cut down racing windshield- like you did- because it is available.
      The Hemi is the best period engine-so it is going in- came with tripower.
      I will keep you posted.


      • By my calculations, the hemi will go through the hood opening but just barely. Might not be worth the risk. I have had this engine in and out twice so far, but both times before final paint went on . I took the body off twice to do it.If you took the heads off the engine it wouldn’t be so scary, but the fenders are so wide you’d have to lean across them to do that job and getting those things off the block while the engine is in the car isn’t easy. What kind of frame do you have? Mamico-Post-Homemade? It will make a difference with the hemi .Jerry

  5. Great car ,I love the hood scoop, headrest, molded in dash and having two doors, the new front end came out great! I think I have Glasspar envy.

  6. In the 3rd from the last photo, of the 3/4 rear view, I see a white Bobsy SR-3 behind the Glasspar.
    As one of the Bobsy Registry heads, I would be interested in the history of this car.
    Please see the Bobsy registry.Com website for more information.

  7. ~ The wire wheels are absolutely gorgeous. I know a lot of folks don’t care for them but in my eyes they really set the car off beautifully!

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