Rocky Fowler’s Glasspar G2 – A Car In Search Of Its History

Here’s A Great Shot of the Front Of Rocky’s Glass G2. You Can See How The Front End Has Been Modified.

Hi Gang…

I’ve known Rocky for a several years now, and recently he shared some photos and history – as he knows of it – of his unrestored Glasspar G2.  Rocky put pen to paper, and here’s the letter he recently sent:

Letter From Rocky Fowler: September 2011

Hi Geoff…

I hope you can use these photos on your website. 

I purchased my Glasspar G2 in July 2001 in Arcadia, Ohio – 15 miles from my home at an auction.  All I knew was that it looked neat and had a Ford frame.  I was told that the owner drove it from Iowa in the 1950’s and that the engine was a Studebaker with two four-barrel carburetors.

No engine was in the car when I bought it, but there was a Studebaker dual quad manifold at the sale.  I was also told it sat for years in a flower garden.  It is very solid and only the sheet metal for the floor needs replacement.

Hope you can tell me more about it.


Rocky Fowler
Tiffin, Ohio

Thoughts on Rocky’s Glasspar G2:

Rocky’s G2 Has What Looks Like A Nice Original G2 Dashboard – As I Recall, These Were An $18 Option from Glasspar. Not All Cars Had This “Fancy Feature.”

Interesting car here gang.  It looks like it hasn’t been modified since the 1950’s.  Apparently it lost its front Grill and they did a sort of “Woodill Wildfire” front nose.  Looks like it would accept one of the Nash grilles that some G2’s have pretty well.

It has both doors with factory hinges so this means it’s probably a 1954-1955 car, or late 1953.  The later cars typically had two doors and not one.  It also has a factory dashboard – which is the case if it’s fiberglass.  The windshield is original Glasspar G2 and the bumperettes are definitely what they would have done in the 50’s – the taillights too.

The 1963 plates suggest that the car was shut down just a few years after it was built (6-8 years) and somewhere along its life it may have become a racer – hence the roll bar.

All in all, it looks like a very nice foundation to start a restoration from, and Rocky is just the guy to do it.


I’ll be going thru our vintage archives and see if we can find a “match” for Rocky in one of the cars back in the 1950’s showing name, builder, history, etc.  In the meantime, some of you may be able to see what you know about the car and share it with us too.  I know that Rocky will appreciate your help in every way.

And Rocky…..keep us posted with your restoration as you proceed.  This should be fun for all of us to watch!

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…


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Rocky Fowler’s Glasspar G2 – A Car In Search Of Its History — 3 Comments

  1. Rocky should meticulously search the door jams on the G2 for the serial
    number. I think one of the Glasspar guys has posted pictures on where
    exactly to look. It also may be covered by paint. That will pin down the year.
    The front bumper guards are unique and may be a key to matching the car
    in any old photographs.

  2. Great project, Rocky! Wondering if you have checked the area behind the passenger door hinge for body numbers? We have found several cars with the (3 digit) numbers stamped in that area. I can provide pictures if you’re interested in the exact location(s).
    G2 numbers 172 and 169 are stamped exactly the same. Also of interest, the G2 registry has now located 66 G2’s! The latest we’ve located is in Argentina, one of five that reside outside of the USA… Canada, Holland, Germany, Argentina, and the U.K. each have a G2!

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