The Hirsch Sports Car Special – Mysterion Extraordinare

The Paint On The Hirsch Sports Car is Striking – And The Design Details Seem Well Executed In Every Way.

Hi Gang…

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I think if we introduce mystery cars to our group, they should have their own theme song.  Let me know what you think (of course this means you have to click on the button above to hear the song).  This may be the perfect way to experience “Mystery Cars” here at Forgotten Fiberglass.


The Hirsch Sportscar Special:

What a beautiful car I have to share with all of you today.  The full history of this car isn’t known – but I know you guys and gals out there – and at least one of you should know the history of this car and unwrap this riddle for us.

In March of this year, I received the following letter.  Let’s review:

Letter from Tom Pawlak:

I Love This Shot That Tom Sent To Us – Settings Are So Important For Memorable Pictures And This One Is Excellent. Good Job Tom!

Hello Geoffrey,

My name is Tom Pawlak.  Bob Greenberg sent you some info on my Hirsch.

I would really appreciate finding the history on the car – thank you in advance for making an effort.

The gentleman that I bought the car from told me, from what he understood, that a group of men living in the Orange County (south of Los Angeles) had developed this one car as a prototype, and were going to go into business to build them.  After building this one, they decided it was not a feasible business to go into.

The car has a hand laid fiberglass body, with a tube frame.  The front end and steering are Fiero, the rear is Datsun 280Z.  Engine is a 1966 Mustang 289 V8 four barrel, with Ford 5 speed trans.  It titled as a 1960 Hirsch.

I am attaching photos of the car.  The photos that show no bumpers, and Cobra style wheels are as the car is now.  The other shots are as I bought the car.

Thank You,


Nice Rear 3/4 Shot Shows Off The Car And The “Ready To Race” Look It Has.

Thoughts on the Hirsch Sports Car:

This one’s a beauty gang.  It’s so nicely finished that I think it may be from the late 1960’s – or even much later given the equipment on the car.  The styling is right on target, and it looks like it would get miles of attention no matter where it would go.

Can one of us help Tom with his quest for the true history of his car?  If anyone can do it, I know one of you can.  And let me know what you find and we’ll share the whole story here at Forgotten Fiberglass.

Go get ‘em gang!


Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…



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The Hirsch Sports Car Special – Mysterion Extraordinare — 1 Comment

  1. I think I saw this car at “Coffee and Cars” a couple of weeks ago! This is a casual get-together presented the first Saturday of every month at the Peninsula Shopping Center in Rolling Hills Estates (Palos Verdes).

    A nicely-finished car I hadn’t noticed in the rows on display came cruising out at the conclusion. The triple grille made me think 1950s Italian, maybe Siata? But the healthy rump-rump exhaust said American V8. I only saw it on the fly, so couldn’t examine it or speak with the owner.

    But if it IS the Hirsch, the location suggests the car now resides in comfortable commuting distance of LA’s South Bay. Maybe the hangar is at Torrance Airport!

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