Technical Specifications

Technical  Specifications

  • 1956 Byers SR-100
  • Jim Byers
Body Work and Paint
  • Mark Nordin of Nordin Enterprises, Oak Grove, MN
  • Cheri O’Brian, Minnesota
  • Modified 1949 Ford – first year of Ford’s independent front suspension.  Chassis work by Dave Paulson of DRE, in Alexandria, MN
  • Front: Independent Ford Suspension
  • Rear: 4 link with Panhard bar
Engine (make/year)
  • 1956 Chevrolet V8
  • Single four barrel Edelbrock carburetor (500 cfm)
  • 265 cubic inches
Horsepower (estimated)
  • 195 horsepower, 260 foot pounds of torque
Transmission (type/year)
  • 4 speed manual, Chevrolet M21
Rear Axle / driveshaft
(open/closed driveshaft)
  • Live Axle: 3.25:1.  Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
  • 100 inches
 Track/Tread (front/rear)
(distance between center line of tires)
  • Stock 1949 Ford specs
Tire Size
  • 205 x 70 x 15  (match height of vintage race tires)
Curb Weight
  • 2050 lbs (dry weight)
Top Speed (0-60)
  • Depends on engine setup
Special Features
  • Custom made Byers logo for grill (adapted from license plate frame from a 1930’s Byers car dealership (no relationship) in Ohio)
  • Custom egg crate grille
  • Two removable roll bars – 1 is symmetrical and the other is asymmetrical
  • Removable fuel cell
  • PS Engineering Halibrand style racing rims
  • Quick Steer to reduce steering ratio to 2.25 turns lock to lock
  • Custom aluminum interior with aluminum seats
  • Aluminum interior panels conceal side impact protection
  • Custom aluminum side vents