1952 Voodoo Gardner: History and Vintage Photos

1952 Voodoo Gardner:
History and Vintage Photos

Jerry Gardner set forth to build his car around 1952.  Inspired by the C1 Cunningham which was Cadillac powered, Jerry designed the shape of his “Voodoo” using similar lines and used a Cadillac mill too – although it was a Flathead Cadillac (1942) instead of an overhead valve design. 

From 1952 to 1955, Jerry built his car modifying a 1940 Ford frame and setting the Cadillac engine inside.  He chose the Lincoln Zephyr transmission and added a 1940 Lincoln 2-speed axle to boot.  Jerry’s car had lots of power and the means to get it down the road quickly.

But Jerry never finished the car during his lifetime.  He lovingly protected his car which was built while he was in his 20s all of his life.  He kept the car inside with the hopes of finishing the car some day. 

Finishing the car would fall to Brian and Sue Ford with help from the team at Undiscovered Classics.  With a debut of the finished car planned at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in March, 2020, restoration of the Voodoo will have taken just over three years.

Below is a series of photos and images mostly taken by Jerry in the early 1950s.  Some recent photos of historic pieces related to the car have also been included below.

1940 Ford Which Was Later Turned Into a Donor Car for Jerry’s “Voodoo Gardner”

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