1952 Voodoo Gardner: Vintage Memorabilia

1952 Voodoo Gardner:
Vintage Memorabilia

Several historic items related to the Voodoo Gardner sports car are shown below

Jerry Gardner created a set of nameplates for his car out of brass.  He welded studs on the back of each letter for “Gardner” and a few on “Voodoo” too.  One set of name plates was retained by the family.  The other may eventually be installed on the dash of the car.

Before Jerry built his full-size car, he carved and painted a small model for reference.  This model exists today in the Gardner family collection.

Jerry documented all costs for his car on two pieces of paper.  These are shown below and are retained by the family in the Gardner collection.

While serving in the military and in Europe, Jerry Gardner had the grille for his car custom made by the company below.  You can still see Jerry’s handwritten notes on the flyer indicating the style he ordered for his sports car.

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