Halliday Special: Race Results

1957  Halliday  Renault  Special
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All  Results  of  Halliday  Specials  #1  and  #2

We still need to see which of the 3 cars built by Dale Halliday appear on the list below.  Now that we have the photo from Allen Kuhn  (see below) showing what we believe is either the first Renault special built by Halliday or a “mule” body on the car we found, it may affect the timeline we are trying to build.  Time / research will tell.  See race history on the Halliday Special below – at least two of his cars had the number “45.”

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Race  Results  Reported  By  Marvin  Mcfalls

Geoff and Joel

I believe that I may have a lead on our Halliday Special in reference to the car competing.  If I am not mistaken that on 5-19-57 at Santa Barbara a car known as a Renault Special not the Halliday Special was driven by Paul Winters.  Like many of his other drives it was #45, but so is our car (red car that was in Joel’s video) in video also from 1957.  It finished 17th in the prelim and dnf in the race.  I think this is where we should be looking for a race photo of the car.

Note from Geoff on 5/25/2024:  We believe this to be the first race that the newly built red colored Renault Special raced in.  We will probably want to research race results independent of this website so we can get complete information on finishing place and additional detail.  We can use Road & Track magazines, West Coast Sports Car Journals, Carsport magazines, SCCA magazines, and other magazines that Joel and I have.  We should track our research so we know what magazines and data we have looked thru.  Also, we need to look for articles on other cars built that Dale Halliday built – Joel found one of these articles for me but I can’t find it now.

Complete  Archive  of  Dr.  Paul  Winters

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Complete  Archive  of  Halliday  Specials  #1  and  #2

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Races  We  Are  Researching  Where  The  Red  (Halliday Special #2)  Raced

Not all races are documented in one research database, racing newsletter or magazine.  We need to confirm the red Halliday Renault Special #2 raced/did not race in the events below.  We also need to look for new leads on where the car may have raced – most likely the west coast of California near and around Los Angeles, California.

Race 1

1957: May 18-19, Santa Barbara Road Race.  This is the first race we’ve documented and have photo evidence of the car there.  Marvin McFalls reports (unknown database as of 5/25/2024) that It finished 17th in the prelim and DNF in the race

Race 2

1957: July 28 the Independent Newspaper of Long Beach, California identified Paul Winters and “Dale Halliday’s new Renault Special – a very pretty little car” would complete on August 4th, 1957 at the Time Trial Races at the Navy’s Reeves Field on Terminal Island.This is the first published mention of this car (Special #2) we have found.

Race 3

1958, April 12 the Independent Newspaper of Long Beach, California also mentions that Dr. Paul Winters in the Halliday Renault Special will race at Palm Springs on April 13, 1958.  This is the last published record we can find of this car.