Halliday Special: “As Found” Photos

1957  Halliday  Renault  Special
“As  Found”  Photos

You  Never  Know  Where  A  Cup  of  Coffee  Will  Lead  You…

A friend of Paul  Anderson, Michael Bentley, was on a mountain motorcycle ride and he took a photo of himself at a General Store with car in the background.   He stopped there with a friend to get coffee.  Paul saw the photo and the car in the background and remarked “what is that”?   The rest is history.

(Paul is looking for picture with friend and car in the background – insert pix here if he finds it)

(Paul can you get address of General story?)

Paul has always liked unusually shaped cars – curvaceous cars  – sports and race cars with elegant shapes and design.  When he saw the car at the picture, he jumped at the chance to learn more.   His friend Michael Bentley was on a motorcycle ride and was touring the Cascades and the Trinity Alps.  At the time, he was staying ahead of the California wildfires that were plaguing the area.  Based on the photo as well as talking with his friend Michael, It took awhile for Paul to figure out where the car was and who owned it.  Eventually, thru the General Store owner, Paul was able to meet with the owner in person on August 15, 2012.

Paul’s First Glimpse of the car was on a trailer at the home of the person who owned it – with a “For Sale” sign on it too.

The owner was Guy Arnel and Paul met with him at his house where the car was on a trailer with a for sale sign.  He originally wanted to trade the car for a carburetor of a Suzuki Samurai, but was open to cash offers.  Paul came “loaded for bear” – meaning he had 3 guys with him (4 total), a towing vehicle and a trailer.  No doubt the seller saw how prepared Paul was to buy the car – which he did.  He paid him cash, loaded the car by lifting onto the trailer with 4 guys at hand (not a car  trailer) and back to his ranch in rural Shasta Country (near Redding), California.

Bill of Sale to Paul Anderson is Dated September 2nd, 2012

Car on the Ground Waiting to be Moved to Paul’s Trailer

The  Halliday  Special  Arrives  at  Paul’s  Ranch

Paul unloaded the car at his ranch property near Shasta, California (northern California) and he kept it until sold it to us in February, 2023 – 11 years.  The photos below show the car at Paul’s ranch – a car at the end of its life.

Paul’s Friend Eric Bording with Paul’s Dog Mack inspecting Paul’s Latest Acquisition in September, 2012

Next  Step:  Undiscovered  Classics

Now….that story is about to continue as we begin the restoration of the car here at Undiscovered Classics in Tampa, Florida.  A race car returns to life.