Halliday Special: Vintage Photos

1957  Halliday  Renault  Special
Vintage  Photos  of  Both  Halliday  Renault  Race  Cars

Halliday  Renault  Special  #1

Gary  Horstkorta  and  Allen  Kuhn

Gary Horstkorta and Allen Kuhn have helped us find what we believe to be the first of three “Halliday Specials.”  This was a photo taken personally by Allen Kuhn on October 23rd, 1955 at Torrey Pines and can be seen below.  This may push up the date when Halliday Special number 2 started to race, but we’re still sorting thru the articles above.  No doubt the history will reveal itself to our team over time.  Allen Kuhn has given permission to share the photo below which will be replaced with a higher resolution photo as soon as we purchase it (June, 2024).

Raced as Car #45

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Joel  Driskill

Once the car reached our home base in Tampa, Florida on x/xx/xxxx we started researching what we had.  I called upon one of the most thorough race car and American “Specials” researcher I know – Joel Driskill.  Joel located a photo from the Joe Smith Collection taken at the Glendale race on November 13th, 1955.  We believe this to be the first Halliday Renault Special.  The car was driven by Dr. Paul Winters who owned the car as well.  The photo is shown below and is driving away from us.  This design matches the design of the car in the photo taken by Allen Kuhn in October, 1955.

Halliday  Renault  Special  #2

Raced as #45 in Santa Barbara, 1957
Image From Film In The Driskill Archives – Courtesy of Joel Driskill

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The Car appears near the end at 8:27, 8:28 and 8:29

Halliday  Renault  Special  #3

Although mention of third Halliday Renault Special was mentioned in a newspaper article on April 27th, 1956, we have found no evidence so far of a third race car being built.  It seems that after the second Renault special was built and raced in 1957/1958, Halliday moved into more of mechanic and Service Manager jobs with some acclaim/accomplishment noted.