1949 December, Popular Mechanics (USA)

1949 December, Popular Mechanics (USA)

This is a pivotal article in American postwar sports car history given the date and publication in which it appeared.  In the postwar years, automobile magazines were just starting to come in their own, and both in prewar, wartime and postwar years nearly all substantial automobile articles were published in Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Mechanix Illustrated and other similar magazines.

This article took a detailed look at the types of new sports cars emerging in American and other locations and shared these in a detailed 8 page article showing America what to expect in the coming years.  Some of the most famous postwar sports cars were shown including the Norman Timbs Streamliner, the Edwards R26, the Kurtis Sports Car and the 1948 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet. 

What makes this even more notable is that the same article was published in Europe in the French edition (February, 1950) of this magazine introducing the American sports car to a European audience. 

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