Special-Bodied Corvairs

Special – Bodied  Corvairs

Corvairs were produced from 1960-1969 and were built using unibody construction.  Creating a “special-bodied Corvair” sports car, was possible using one of two techniques.  First, a custom body could be built on a custom frame using a Corvair drivetrain and perhaps additional Corvair parts.  A more difficult approach would be to use a Corvair chassis by separating the body from the chassis (cutting it).

While difficult, this second approach was accomplished by several design and build groups including General Motors, Bertone, Pininfarina and several other design groups or individuals.  Explore both types of Special-Bodied Corvairs via the links below.

Special-Bodied  Corvairs  Built  On  Corvair  Chassis
Corvair  Frame  Used  Without  Modification

Special-Bodied  Corvairs  Built  on  Custom  Chassis
Corvair  Drivetrain  Used  With  Custom  Frame