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Undiscovered  Classics
Historical  Archives

In-depth archives on Dan Post, Strother MacMinn, Bob Gurr, Sports Car Design (Road & Track), historic books and other materials related to Undiscovered Classics.  Also includes an extensive library of vintage articles focused on Undiscovered Classic cars.

Undiscovered  Classics  Media  Archive:  1930  to  2005

Undiscovered  Classics  Vintage  Media  Archive:
1930 to 2005

Stories About Undiscovered Classic Cars Including Vintage Articles

Individual  and  Company  Publishing  Archives

Dan  Post  Publications  Archives
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Strother  MacMinn  Archive
Check  out  MacMinn’s  Articles  Written  Back  in  the  Day – And  More

Almquist  Engineering  Archive
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Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky Archives
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Arthur Radebaugh Archives
Futurist, Illustrator and Industrial Designer

Henry “Bob” Gurr Archives
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Arthur  Radebaugh  Archives
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Joseph H. Wherry Archives
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Walter Wyss Archives
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Book  and  Article  Archive

Crestline  Books
Owned  By  George Damman
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Modern Sports Car Series of Books
Published by Sports Car Press
1957 – 197?

Sports  Car  Design  Articles (54  Articles)
Road  and  Track  Magazine
1949 to 1959
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Other Vintage Custom Car Booklets From the 1940s and 1950s
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Movie  and  TV  Archives

Johnny  Dark  Movie
American  Specials  of  the  1950s  at  Their  Best
Universal  International:  1954

You  Asked  For  It  (1955)
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Books  on  Concours  d’Elegance
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Concours d’Elegance (1969)
Joseph Wherry – 1969

Sports Car Events (1959)
Modern Sports Car Series
Gymkhanas, Autocrosses, Hillclimbs, Concours d’ Elegance, and Trials (1959)
Author: Robert Flanders Clarke

Concours d’Elegance – Beauty in Machinery
Road & Track, December, 1961
Author: Strother MacMinn

Books  on  Building  Your  Own  Sports  Car

Build Your Own Custom Sports Car (1951)
Author: Charles Martz