Dan Post’s Custom Car Literature

Dan  Post’s  Custom  Car  Literature

Dan Post was the first to comprehensive describe, detail and share what was happening in the custom car movement in America.  He did so by recording what he saw and learned and sharing this in 10 separate mimeographs, booklets and books that he published and sold from 1944 to 1954.

Dan  Post’s  Published  Custom  Car  Literature

Dan  Post  Custom  Car  Literature:  1947  to  1954
What  Was  Published  and  When  it  was  Published

Articles  On  The  History  of  Dan  Post  Custom  Car  Literature

The  Dan  Post  Archives: The  History  of  Custom  Car  Literature – 1947  to  1954
When  Did  It  Start,  What  Did  They  Publish,  and  Why  It  Was  Researched
Undiscovered  Classics:  November 18, 2019

Customs  Reprinted
Re-Issuing  The  Elusive  Dan  Post  Customing  Collection

The  Rodder’s  Journal  #56:  Summer,  2013

Customs  In  Print
Dan  Post  Published  It  First
The  Rodder’s  Journal  #45:  Fall,  2009

The  Roots  of  Customizing
– First Article That Reviews the History of Dan Post Custom Car Literature – 
Author: Albert Drake
Street Rod Action: November, 1989

Reissued  2013:  Dan  Post  Custom  Car  Box  Set

Dan  Post  Custom  &  Restyling  Box  Set
Reprinted  Custom  Car  Material

Strother  Macminn’s  Photos  for  Dan  Post  Books

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Quotes  That  Dan  Post  Shared  on  the  Back  of  His  Custom  Car  Books

“You have the car.  You have the ability to customize it.  Now you have the ideas.  Serving as your own artist and remodeler, only the job lies ahead.”

Remodeler’s Manual For Restyling Your Car: 1944, 1945
Master Custom-Restyling Manual: 1947

“Originality is simply a fresh pair of eyes.”

Remodeler’s Manual For Restyling Your Car:  1945, 1946
Master Custom-Restyling Manual: 1947

“A job begun is half done”

Master Custom-Restyling Manual: 1947

“There is no intellect that does not desire to create continually, and the pleasure in the perception of a new or unaccustomed form of unity is comparable to that of original achievement:  Herbert Langfeld – The Aestetic Attitude”

California Custom Car Photo Album: 1947
Blue Book of Custom Restyling: 1949, 1951, 1952/1953

“Everybody drives a used car”

“In buying a used car, you have only your own judgment, plus the integrity of the dealer from whom you buy it”

Judging  The  Used  Car:  1947