Publicity  on  Dan  Post  Custom  Car  Box  Set

Publicity  on  Dan  Post  Custom  Car  Box  Set

Books  of  the  Month:  Custom  Box  Set
Classic & Sports Car: July, 2013

The  Rodder’s  Journal  Review  The  Dan  Post  Boxed  Set
The  Rodder’s  Journal: Summer, 2013

The  New  Must  Have  Dan  Post  Book  Set
Custom  Car  Chronicle: June 11, 2013

Dan  Post  Boxed  Set  Seen  in  Video
(Video  Shown  Below)
The  Rodder’s  Journal: April 2, 2013

Power  to  the  People
The Jalopy Journal: March 22, 2013

Dan  Post  Collection  Update
The  Rodder’s Journal: March 1, 2013

Customs  Reprinted
Re-Issuing  The  Elusive  Dan  Post  Customing  Collection

The  Rodder’s  Journal  #56:  Summer,  2013

Customs  In  Print
Dan  Post  Published  It  First
– Our Article on the History of Dan Post Custom Car Literature –
Authors: Harold Pace and Geoff Hacker

The  Rodder’s  Journal  #45:  Fall,  2009