Dan Post’s Automobile Library: 1947 to 1956

Dan  Post’s  Automobile  Library  (not  custom  cars)
1947  to  1956

Car  Books &  Booklets  –  Not  Custom  Car  Related

Ford:  Closing  the  Years  of  Tradition
Sales, Data, Accessories for 1946, 1947 and 1948
Post Era Books, Arcadia, California
Published: 1975

Model  A  Ford  Service  Bulletins  Complete
Published: 1972

The  Military  Jeep  Complete
Published: 1971

Ford  V8  Service  Bulletins  1932-1937
Published: 1968

Volkswagen:  Nine  Lives  Later
Published:  1966

Model  T  Ford  in  Speed  and  Sport
Published:  1956

Glass  Fiber:  Auto  Body  Construction  Simplified
Published:  1955

Automobile  Design:  The  Complete  Styling  Book
Published:  1955

Dan Post’s Fiberglas Auto Body Construction
Published:  1953

How  to  Draw  Cars  of  Tomorrow
Published:  1952

An Album of Sales and Institutional Literature
Volume I: The British Rolls
Published:  1953

The  Classic  Cord
Author: Dan Post
Published:  1952

Duesenburg:  The  Mightiest  American  Motor  Car
Author: J.L. Elbert
Published:  1951

Dan  Post’s  Judging  The  Used  Car
Published:  1947